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5 Tips to Enjoying Fireworks With Little Kids + Local Fireworks List

Fireworks displays are a classic event sure to be included in every Independence Day celebration, but they can be a nightmare for young families. Luckily,...

Chores: How + Why Our Child Helps Around the House

"When is my child old enough for chores?" Yes, our daughter helps around the house. I'm not sure of the correct answer to my question...

My Huge Meltdown: I Let Social Media Comments Bring Me Down

Last week I had a huge meltdown. Like cry in the shower, 'I hate myself,' feel like a failure kind of meltdown. We all get...

My Daughter is Not Here, But We Celebrate Her Birthday

Our daughter turned 2 on May 9, 2022. Or in the words of my husband, our daughter turned 1 year and 12 months old. You...

Infertility: Your Journey is Valid

Infertility is a journey that just a few years ago not many people talked about. Thankfully, that seems to be changing, and I know...

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