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tearing one another down

Let’s Start Lifting One Another Up, Instead of Tearing One Another Down

Ladies, can we stop tearing one another down? There is enough negativity in today's society and saying hurtful things to or about others isn't...

5 Ways to Relax + Recharge, Summer Edition

Relax and recharge - do you do this enough? Many of us love summer, with school being out, and having the kids home for...
online yard sale

The New Yard Sale: Tips + Tricks for Using Online Selling Apps

I always thought making money by reselling was only accomplished by having a yard sale. Lugging everything out of the house and putting tiny price...

I Don’t Want the World to Crush My Confident Daughter

My daughter is five, and even though she started off strong-willed and confident, every day she grows more independent.  That independence and confidence have been...

My Father, The Stranger: Being a Mom Made Me Hate Father’s Day

Every year, as June rolls around, I stand in front of a large display of Father's Day cards and wonder what I should do. All...

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