An Upper Peninsula Must-See: Benny The Beard Fisher – The Thomas Dambo Troll

Imagine this. While driving through the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan you come across Guitar Mans Ruff-Cut Music store located along the river in Germfask, Michigan. You meet the kind Owner, Chip, and as you’re walking out the door he tells you, “They’re building a Troll down there along the river. You should go and check it out!” You think, a troll you say?

In a few moments, you realize it’s not just a Troll but a Thomas Dambo Troll and you’re one of the first to know he’s here! The Troll’s name is Benny The Beard Fisher and he’s a total gem.

Thomas Dambo is a “Recycle Art Activist” from Copenhagen, Denmark who travels the world creating trolls from recycled materials from items like pallets and branches from trees that will soon be cut down. Now Michiganders can check out one of Dambo’s newest creations, Benny The Beard Fisher, in Germfask, Michigan. This is the very first troll built in Michigan and there aren’t very many in the U.S. which makes him a pretty special guy. 

A couple of summers ago, my family had the opportunity to meet another one of Dambo’s Trolls, Isak Heartstone, in Breckenridge, Colorado. Upon Isak’s arrival, he was so popular the city had to take pieces of him down because Isak was bringing more people than the Gold Rush in the late 1850s and early 1860s. You’ll be happy to know that Isak is now put back together so if you travel to Colorado he’s a must-see.

People from all over the world travel to see Dambo’s Trolls and now we have one in our great state of Michigan. How cool!

Benny The Beard Fisher can be found along the river in Northland Outfitters Campground in Germfask, Michigan. Germfask is a little under an hour and a half from the Mackinac Bridge making it a perfect day trip when visiting Northern Michigan. For only $10 you can walk back to visit Benny The Beard Fisher, have a chat with him, enjoy the scenery, and take some photos. You can check out Dambo’s Troll Map and see if there are any Trolls during your future travels. 

Next time you travel to the beautiful U.P. make sure to stop and say, “Hello!” to Benny The Beard Fisher.

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