24 Books of Christmas: An Advent Calendar


Holiday traditions are one of my MOST favorite aspects of the season, but as a “millennial” mom I’ll be the first to admit we are stuck between obliging that of our parents who still are adamant about hosting and trying to make our own.  So in my search to make my own annual traditions for my little family I came across this idea, the best parts are that it’s just a little something we get to do EVERY night from December 1st through December 24th as a family, it takes minimal effort, and affects no holiday plans because your kids go to be EVERY night.

With that, I give you our version of an advent calendar ‘The 24 Books of Christmas’!

christmas books kid
Every year around the end of November I unpack my box of holiday-themed books and individually wrap each one {or if its a super short one I double that up with another}, making twenty-four individually wrapped books.  One, in particular, I label ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE”, as you can guess I save ‘The Night Before Christmas‘ for this one.  Cue my favorite tradition we rotate nights of my kids picking one of the wrapped books and unwrapping to read as a family before bedtime.

A few of our family favorites are:
Little Blue Truck’s Christmas
C is for Christmas
The Broken Ornament
-Sneezy the Snowman
The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving
-How to Catch an Elf
The Nutcracker
-The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish
Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree
-I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
-The Magic of Friendship Snow
Pete the Cat Snow Daze
How to Catch Santa Claus
Sounding Joy
-Zetta the Poinsetta
The Polar Express
-The Night Before Christmas
-How the Grinch stole Christmas
Construction Site on Christmas Night

I love it, my kids love it, we giggle over which books pop up and I love how their little minds remember certain stories from the year before or the excitement when they draw one of their favorites.  It’s easy, cheap, and most of all one of my favorite memory-making events each year.

wrapped books christmas gifts

Now I am not recommending you hop on Amazon this minute and Prime 24 books to your doorstep. This is the perfect opportunity to dig through those bookshelves, inquire with family if they have any holiday books they wouldn’t mind passing along, or checking out those local thrift bookstores.  Guarantee for less than $50 you can have a new family tradition that is the gift that keeps on giving all month long… and for years to come!

What are your favorite children’s Christmas themed books? 


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2023 Halloween Costume Contest

Welcome ghouls, ghosts, superheroes, and princesses! We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Halloween Costume Contest presented by us at Mid-Michigan Moms and our friends over at Crust Bakery & Restaurant. This is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your creativity, scare us with your spookiness, or dazzle us with your charm. So, whether you’ve been planning your costume since last Halloween, or you’re a last-minute mastermind, this contest is for you!

halloween costume contestHow to Enter

Wondering how to participate? It’s simple! All you have to do is dress up in your best Halloween attire and submit your photos for entry. We accept entries in two ways: via email or Direct Message on our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Email Submissions

If you’re submitting through email, send your best shot to Make sure the subject of your email is ‘Halloween Costume Contest Entry’ to ensure we don’t miss it. Attach the photo and don’t forget to include your name and contact information in the body of the email!

Social Media Submissions

If you’re more comfortable with social media, you can also send your photo through Direct Message to our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Just search for @midmichiganmoms on your preferred platform and send us a message with your photo attached.

family halloween costume Submission Deadline

Got your costume ready? Great! Just remember, the clock is ticking. All entries must be received by 9am on Wednesday, November 1st. Any entries received after the deadline will not be considered, so be sure to send your photos in on time!

What our WINNERS Win

Our top TWO voted winners {this will be determined by the TOTAL likes, loves, any reaction on the photos on BOTH Facebook & Instagram} will each take home a $25 Gift Card to Crust Bakery & Restaurant along with two Mid-Michigan Moms Richardson Baseball hats, a Mid-Michigan Moms YETI mug, a Mid-Michigan Moms notebook and pens. Plus the title of top-two costumes in + around Mid-Michigan!

Voting and Winners Announcement

After the submission deadline, the fun really begins. Voting will take place on November 1st and 2nd. This is when our community gets to decide who had the most creative, scary, or charming costume. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 3rd. So, make sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages {Facebook and Instagram} for updates!

halloween costume contestWe can’t wait to see all your fantastic costumes! This Halloween, let’s create some spooktacular memories together. Good luck to all our participants!

Embrace the Viral Ghost Painting Trend


As summer fades, the annual shift into spooky season takes hold. You can’t escape it. Most of us are willing victims ready to welcome moody colors, cool air, and fall traditions.

Suddenly, we’re asking for pumpkin spice everything, visiting cider mills, craving hearty soups, slipping into cozy sweaters, and hunting for 12-foot skeletons. (Is it just me or do they always feel like friendly souls waiting for a much-needed hug with their outstretched arms?)

I started noticing another trend creeping into my social media feed: #ghostpaintings.

Have you come across any yet? I had to try it myself and I’m here to tell you that YOU should too! You won’t regret it. I promise! It was a delightful experience. Keep scrolling and I’ll share some great tips and tricks you can use to create your own.

ghost painting

What is the Ghost Painting trend anyway?
Basically, you transform an old piece of framed art from a thrift store or consignment shop into something new by painting over the original scene to add Halloween-inspired images. Think: ghosts, pumpkins, bats, etc. It’s such a fun idea. The possibilities are endless. See…

#ghostpaintings4 reasons you should try it:

  1. It’s cheap and easy. Your salvaged art will likely be a faded print from decades ago that’s been overlooked and forgotten. I got mine for $8. (If you can plan ahead, they often do 50% or 75% off certain price tags on certain days.) I used basic acrylic paint I already had and my daughter’s well-loved paintbrushes.
  2. No skills are needed. Ghosts are just white blobs with eyes. You can do this! Pumpkins are orange blobs (with simple faces if you choose to “carve” them). Bats are just black lines in the sky. Spiders have eight legs…
  3. You can fly solo or be social. You decide! No one even has to know. I did this on my own as a carefree experiment. It would also be fun to do with friends. Shop together, paint together, and laugh together. Whether you do it in your pjs after the kids go to bed or make a festive cocktail/mocktail to entice your besties, there’s no wrong way.
  4. You’ll be delighted. The expectations are low. All you need is a little time and a basic vision. Look for ideas online to get some cool ideas. Search #ghostpaintings on IG, Tiktok, or Pinterest and then do you own thing. It’s going to be great!

Okay, I’m in!! Now what?

  • Go to the thrift store and choose a picture. I found mine at the Volunteers of America. You could also try The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your favorite locally-owned shop. Look for potential. Landscapes are popular, city scenes are fun, a house or forest both hold lots of opportunity for spooky details.

vintage thrifted paintingMy original, circa 1983. There was even a bug smashed inside.

  • Take the frame apart. If it’s covered in finishing paper, peel it off. This can be saved for collage ephemera. Use a putty knife (or butter/utility knife) to fold back the metal staples. Remove the cardboard backing to lift the picture out. The frame will need dusting. The glass will need to be cleaned on both sides.

ghost painting

  • Prep your space. Cover your table with an old towel or butcher paper. Fill a jar with water for rinsing your paintbrushes. Set out your paints (acrylic recommended). Use a paper plate as your mixing palette. Grab paper towel for drying your brush in between colors. Find a pencil to use for outlining basic shapes.
    • NOTE: I do not recommend using water colors. The original print is just a copy and will degrade if it gets too wet. Same with erasing pencil markings. It will erase the photo if you mark and erase too much in the same spot.


  • Make a plan and begin. Decide what you’d like to do or how you’d like to start and go for it. Remember, there are no consequences. You only paid a few bucks for your painting. Sketch some rough outlines and start painting over them! Once you make you first mark you’ll feel more brave. Wine helps. Starting is the hardest part.

GHOST PAINTINGI knew I wanted to paint over the faded, pastel florals with fall colors. That was an easy place for me to begin. One thing led to another from there. I knew I wanted ghosts and to put something cool in the big set of windows. I loved it more and more as I went.

  • Enjoy the process. Watch the magic unfold as you gain creative confidence. Your thrifted ghost painting can be as simple or as complex as your time, skills, or supplies allow. It might not look like the perfectly refined one with 100k views online, but it will make you smile and it’ll be fabulously festive and FUN!

GHOST PAINTING HALLOWEENMy finished ghost painting! I used acrylic paint pens too. They were really helpful in outlining shapes and straight lines like the witch, tables, and awning. I also had reflective gold acrylic paint which added a cool finishing touch. I painted the inner portion of the mat with this too.

  • Reassemble and display. Reverse the process of taking your photo apart to put it back together again. Don’t forget to sign the new one first! You worked hard. Be proud! Now, find the perfect spot to hang your new ghost painting and admire the heck out of it.

Happy Painting, Witches!!

Share your ghost painting with our followers to inspire others to go for it. Tag us with #MMMghostpainting to show off your masterpiece!

Contributor Open Call – Join the Mid-Michigan Moms Team

join mid michigan moms contributor team

At Mid-Michigan Moms, we believe in the power of collective wisdom and connecting parents. Our goal is to create a community-focused resource for parents to find support by sharing solutions, swapping stories, and building up our community by fostering friendships and creating conversation. Our contributor team is unique, transparent, and passionate about connecting fellow moms to one another and Mid-Michigan.

Through this contributor open call, we want to expand our team to represent a wide variety, including baby-wearing and stroller mamas, moms of teens, twins, toddlers, all boys, all girls, a mix of the two, only one child, and adoptive moms; downtown, suburban, and rural moms; LBGTQIA, single, married, homeschool, crunchy, traditional moms, and more. There is no story too small or perspective insignificant, we want it all!

Being a part of our team gives you the chance to connect with others {mom friends anyone?!}, share your tales of life and parenting, and create a deeper sense of community here in Mid-Michigan! Maybe you’re working full-time but need something for YOU. Maybe you work from home but need to get out a bit. Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom and missing that professional {and social} part of life you once had. Whatever your talents, passions, or previous experience, there is a place for YOU!

Sound like what YOU need? Read on! {Please read through thoroughly before applying!}

What you give

  • A 12-month commitment beginning December 1, 2023
  • Availability to attend in-person and virtual events {playdates, moms night out, & large social events}
  • Contribute during each quarter of the year {12/1/23-12/1-24} either 2 blog posts or 3 micro-blogs or 3 instagram reels or 3 instagram takeovers or 15 timely links to relevant articles and/or memes OR any combination of the above
  • A passion for moms, kids, and Mid-Michigan
  • Strong social media presence and involvement
  • Availability for in-person contributor meet-ups a few times a year
  • Reliability, team spirit, and your own unique, positive, fun perspective!

What you get

  • Your professional Mid-Michigan Moms team photo and bio on our Mid-Michigan Moms’ writing team webpage
  • If you choose to, we’ll also include links to your personal blog and/or social media handles in your author bio
  • Access to the Mid-Michigan Moms’ team Facebook group where we connect, brainstorm, and provide information
  • Opportunity to try out products, events, and/or services as they become available to Mid-Michigan Moms
  • Incentives and perks for being part of our team such as MNOs, dinners, gift cards, event tickets, swag, and more
  • Access to pre-sale and discounted Mid-Michigan Moms’ event tickets and crates
  • Social and direct networking with a large community of moms {and kids} in + around Mid-Michigan
  • New friendships, fun, and an amazing experience!

How to Apply : 
Please fill out the application form below in its entirety by 10pm on October 29th:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mid-Michigan Moms team. Our open call has closed, but stay tuned for future opportunities!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about us and for your interest in our contributor open call. Please ensure you complete the form above in its entirety. We are unable to review incomplete forms/requirements.

We will be in touch with all applicants by November 17th.

We cannot wait to introduce the newest members of the Mid-Michigan Moms’ team in December!

Want to learn more about us? Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

An Upper Peninsula Must-See: Benny The Beard Fisher – The Thomas Dambo Troll

Imagine this. While driving through the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan you come across Guitar Mans Ruff-Cut Music store located along the river in Germfask, Michigan. You meet the kind Owner, Chip, and as you’re walking out the door he tells you, “They’re building a Troll down there along the river. You should go and check it out!” You think, a troll you say?

In a few moments, you realize it’s not just a Troll but a Thomas Dambo Troll and you’re one of the first to know he’s here! The Troll’s name is Benny The Beard Fisher and he’s a total gem.

Thomas Dambo is a “Recycle Art Activist” from Copenhagen, Denmark who travels the world creating trolls from recycled materials from items like pallets and branches from trees that will soon be cut down. Now Michiganders can check out one of Dambo’s newest creations, Benny The Beard Fisher, in Germfask, Michigan. This is the very first troll built in Michigan and there aren’t very many in the U.S. which makes him a pretty special guy. 

A couple of summers ago, my family had the opportunity to meet another one of Dambo’s Trolls, Isak Heartstone, in Breckenridge, Colorado. Upon Isak’s arrival, he was so popular the city had to take pieces of him down because Isak was bringing more people than the Gold Rush in the late 1850s and early 1860s. You’ll be happy to know that Isak is now put back together so if you travel to Colorado he’s a must-see.

People from all over the world travel to see Dambo’s Trolls and now we have one in our great state of Michigan. How cool!

Benny The Beard Fisher can be found along the river in Northland Outfitters Campground in Germfask, Michigan. Germfask is a little under an hour and a half from the Mackinac Bridge making it a perfect day trip when visiting Northern Michigan. For only $10 you can walk back to visit Benny The Beard Fisher, have a chat with him, enjoy the scenery, and take some photos. You can check out Dambo’s Troll Map and see if there are any Trolls during your future travels. 

Next time you travel to the beautiful U.P. make sure to stop and say, “Hello!” to Benny The Beard Fisher.

5 Tips for Back to the Bricks with Kids


Few things are more “Michigan” than classic cars which is why Back to the Bricks should be on everyone’s summer bucket list! From the various tune-up parties across the state and the rolling cruises to the holy grail of Michigan Car Shows Saturday on Saginaw Street there is a little something for everyone!

As someone who has watched this event grow from around 600 cars in 2005 to over 30,000 cars and almost 500,000 people I can say it truly is an event for all ages to enjoy!

back to the bricks car cruise flint michigan
2007 – Flint, Michigan

As I’ve gone from a daughter cruising along with her dad and friends, to a planner of an official stop the Back to the Bricks Mitten Promo Tour, participating at AutoRama under the Back to the Bricks umbrella, to now a parent myself, here are my 5 best tips to make the most of Back to the Bricks with your family!

  1. Look but DO NOT Touch. 

    These car people spend weeks if not months prepping to have their ride dialed in for display on the bricks.  Waxing, polishing, buffing, greasing – you name it.  They’re proud of their car and want to show it off. Please ensure that you and your children do not touch these rides.  Especially be careful of button, zippers, and belts when gazing into vehicles.  One scratch can cause thousands in repair.  These are precious pieces of history they took the time to bring out for the publics enjoyment, please treat them as so.

  2. Bring a Wagon or a Stroller. 

    The bricks of Saginaw Street are deceiving, let alone in August heat. Not only will a wagon or stroller allow you to explore all the vehicles on Saginaw Street but you can check out the side streets and vendors as well.  Plus you can store snacks, drinks, and any purchases within it.  Please do keep in mind #1 and do not try and push these between or close to cars!

  3. Ask Questions!

    Don’t be afraid to inquire what is under the hood! This is a great opportunity to teach your children and learn yourself about Michigan’s historic role in the automotive industry especially that of Flint.  A lot of times you will be surprised with the stories the owners have of how they acquired the car or a certain memory of why it is so special to them.  We always like to play pick your favorite car where everyone has their ride that they would like to drive home in!

    back to the bricks flint michigan
    2002 – Back to the Bricks
  4. Check out the Vendors + Restaurants + Sponsors

    This is another opportunity to check out what is happening in + around Flint, Michigan.  Pop in shops, enjoy an infamous Torch Burger, and explore the Flint Farmers Market! There are really cool statues right by the flat lot and a ton of personalized bricks with a lot of history behind them plus all the sponsors who so generously make this FREE event happen. It gives a nice break up of the day for everyone as opposed to just walking and looking at cars plus the local economy appreciates it more than you know! 

  5. Enjoy the Day! 

    My dad loved cars and some of my best memories are hanging out with him and his buddies on the bricks. My friends would come and we’d each hop in a hot-rod and learn so much about why these cars were important to them as well as all the labor and love that went into each one.  I especially loved when my dad would walk by one on display and share that was what my grandparents drove and a little memory attached to it. Classic cars are a great generational bonding topic and I encourage you to use this FREE event to make your own memories or share little bits of information about a car story from your family that means a lot to you!

    back to the bricks car cruise
    2008 – Back to the Bricks

    Tell us what is your dream car? Classic or New?

I Can’t Sleep With My Husband

I can’t sleep with my husband. A shocking statement? Maybe to some. But hear me out.

I can't sleep with my husbandWe’ve been married for over a decade and his snoring is beyond disruptive. For years, I tried to cope. I’d roll my husband over, wake him up and have him reposition himself, even hit the bed in frustration when he’d wake me out of a dead sleep. I just couldn’t deal. And, frankly, neither could he.

Each time I woke him up, his sleep would be disrupted and he would be noticeably agitated. Normally a very mild-mannered person, being woken up in the middle of the night turns my husband into some sort of wild beast. Honestly, he’s mean. He needs his sleep, and being woken up in the middle of the night doesn’t bring out his finer qualities.

Yes, we’ve tried sleep apnea and airway breathing treatments. This seems to be an ever-evolving field and I’ve encouraged my husband to go back and seek further treatment for his loud slumbering. I think it would help. But he needs to do this on his own.

If I’ve learned anything during my married years, it’s that you can’t control your partner. Sometimes, the impetus to do something has to come completely from oneself.

In other words – my husband needs to take the bull by the horns, and I need to let him figure that out on his own. If it’s my idea, it will never work. He has to want to change, and I need to let him figure that out all on his own – maybe with a little gentle nudging.

In the meantime, we both need to sleep. We are busy. Our lives are full of work, activities, kids, family, friends, and more. And so we sleep separately. Some have called this a Sleep Divorce. I guess that name could ring true. I know sleeping apart seems like a foreign concept to many – almost taboo. But, honestly, the more I talk about it, the more I realize that my lumberjack-sounding husband and I are not alone!

I’ve had no short of five conversations with friends who are in the same boat – friends who can’t sleep with their spouses. For whatever reason – mostly snoring! – co-sleeping doesn’t work for their relationship. And guess what? Each of these couples lives a very healthy relationship otherwise. Their shared time together and their level of intimacy are still the same as it was when they co-slept. How this happened for each couple was different, but no one was complaining about a lack of one-on-one time with their respective spouses. If anything, everyone in the household was sleeping better and were happier as a result.

We live in a judgy time. Or, maybe, it’s always been a judgy world. It’s just easier now that we can hide behind computer screens and judge from afar. I know this post will spark some debate. That’s ok. What works for me, might not work for you. Each marriage and spousal relationship is completely different. And what we see in public versus private might be entirely different as well. For example – PDAs for my husband and me are pretty much non-existent, whereas some couples are super touchy-feely. ‘You Do You’ is a phrase that is overused and a little cliche but, nonetheless, I’m going to invoke it here.

I can’t sleep with my husband, and it works for us. We are happier and more well-adjusted people when we each get a good night’s rest and are ready to face our busy lives.

If that doesn’t work for YOU, that’s perfectly fine. It works for us. We are happy and happily well-rested.

Boating Etiquette 101

Summer is finally here in Michigan and as one of the top boating states in the US odds are you either own a boat or you’ll be invited on a boat at some point during these warm months.  As a person whose happy place is literally on a boat I can think of nothing better than a good boating day – and at the same time, as a boat owner, I can also think of few things worse than when a good boating day gets ruined.

I know from experience its not intentional, and most of the time the guests have no clue that its even an issue, which is why I’m here to reduce stress for all parties on the boat {and guarantee that invite back!} with a little boating etiquette 101 of what to do if you’re invited on a boat;

michigan boating

  1. Be On Time 

    If you choose to ignore every other suggestion from this list do all boaters a solid and follow this rule.  In the boating fun world there is nothing more frustrating than sitting at a dock or a boat launch waiting for the rest of your party to show up OR being out in the middle of the lake having a great day only to pull anchor or untie from a group to go back to shore to get late people. Just trust me when I say everyone on the boat will be annoyed with you and your party. Exactly why cruise ships don’t wait on passengers – if anything be early!

  2. Be Prepared but Not Too Much

    It is nice to be prepared with necessities when going out for a day on the boat but you must take into account space.  Unless your friends with someone who has a big yacht {in which case GO YOU!} odds are there will be limited space for storage on a boat so do not bring unneeded items.  My suggestion is to bring two bags; a general bag and a boat bag – limit the latter boat bag to items like sunscreen, towels, life jackets, sunglasses, hat, coverup, etc. PRO TIP: Wear your swimsuit to the boat, especially if living that pontoon life where this just open space, and save your change of clothes for when back to shore in the second bag. ALSO if you have spray sunscreen apply before getting on the boat – everything will be coated in a film if you decide to spray onboard.  Non greasy lotion works best!

  3. PFDs

    It is a law that all vessels should have enough life jackets on board for all passengers – and that usually entails those vintage orange ones under a seat.  If you have small children and aren’t a frequent boater make sure to inquire with your host if they have a jacket in your child{s} size.  If they don’t you have two options; 1. to have them in big orange the entire boat ride or 2. get one in advance {borrow from a friend or amazon one over quickly.  We’ve rounded up our favorites here!}

  4. Don’t Bring Added Guests Unless Invited from the Host

    Back to that limited space for items there is limited space for PEOPLE and PETS.  Envision the boat ride is a wedding and only those listed on the envelope have seats at the table.  Too many guests can cause safety issues foremost and just make it generally not enjoyable when there are too many people or pets on a boat.

  5. Take Your Shoes Off 

    I will never forget for the 4th of July I invited a bunch of people out on my parents new pontoon only to have the boyfriend of a guest step square on the new vinyl seats and PUNCTURE the cushion with a rock in the bottom of their shoe… Now imagine that seat is your brand new leather couch – you would not want guests wearing their shoes on your sofa and chairs ripping the fabric and tracking rocks across your flooring.  Take your shoes off and leave them on the dock or ask the Captain where they store shoes on the boat.  Try to avoid stepping on seats and the hull – most boats have a designated on and off area that has different flooring / protective coating for this reason.

  6. Bring Your Own Food and Drink

    Boating is a social event and so is eating and drinking. So if you’re heading out for a day on the water make sure to bring your own {this is a good time to ask the Captain if they’d like you to bring anything in particular} and know that someone will eat or drink something of yours just like your will eat or drink something of someone else’s.  The only person people don’t like sharing with on a boat is the person who didn’t bring anything to the communal pot, IYKYK. And for what its worth do not bring items that will stain carpet or vinyl or in general make a mess ie. anything red and sticky or melty avoid. AND don’t forget WATER!

  7. Help or Stay Out Of the Way

    There is a lot going on when operating a boat and the captain is responsible for everyones safety so this is a good opportunity to help if you know what you’re doing OR stay out of the way if you don’t.  The captain will usually ask for a hand when they need it or just direct to stay put if don’t. Whatever you do don’t play with buttons, don’t be a distraction {especially when docking}, don’t smoke on the boat unless given permission, don’t stand or sit where you’re not supposed to be!

  8. Mind Your Manners 

    This is one for those adult only events and the moral of the story is don’t get sloppy. The last thing people want to do in the sun is babysit an adult, and being stuck on a watercraft with this person for hours on end while near water just amplifies the situation. I’m all for a good time but make sure you are not causing work for those around you and that the day won’t have to be cut short to get you out of there.

  9. Offer to Clean Up 

    During the day try and keep your items contained.  Empty cans / bottles usually can go back in the cooler and throw away trash in bag or stick in a section of your bag to be pitched once back.  Once back to shore offer to help unload boat, pickup, cover the boat if needed, or hose down, etc.  It will be one less job your hosts have to do that evening and guarantee will be much appreciated.

  10. Say THANK YOU 

    This one should go without saying. Your hosts showed you a great time, be gracious and say thank you to them. Many other posts I’ve read have suggested to offer to chip in for gas – I however think just as you wouldn’t invite people over for a party and ask them to pay the bill you shouldn’t ask people out on a boat you are on and expect them to pay the gas tab SO do with that bit of info what you will but frankly I think thats rude so a simple thank you and helping clean up would be more than fine in my book!

boating dos and donts

Follow those 10 boating to-dos and I promise you’ll be living your best life on a boat and enjoying part of what makes living in Michigan so amazing – LAKE LIFE!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a boat and that is kinda the same thing.”

Mid-Michigan Moms’ Father’s Day Gift Guide

We know life often gets in the way, no matter how good intentions were, which is why we are here to help you spoil the Dads in your life this Father’s Day with a last minute gift guide of items that *should* deliver by Sunday! {#MomLife we got you!}

fathers dayHere, in no particular order, are links to what we on the Mid-Michigan Moms team are buying this year:

Hope you can find a gift to spoil those amazing Dads (by blood or by choice) in your life!

This post contains affiliate links.

In + Around Mid-MIchigan