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Hi, I’m Jodie! I live in Williamston with my husband Chris and three girls: Francesca, and twins, Amelia and Annabelle. Since graduating from Central Michigan University (Fire Up, Chips!), I have worked full-time in the world of corporate communications, for 15 years. I also serve on the Galactosemia Foundation board, where I advocate for my two daughters living with the rare metabolic disease. I love Jesus, but I cuss a little and I drink coffee until wine is acceptable. When I can find a minute, I blog about my crazy, blessed life – often the hard stuff, but always with humor (and often a little sarcasm) at I can’t wait to start sharing my life and learnings with the Mid-Michigan Moms community!

Meet Jodie, A Galactosemia Advocate Thriving on Transparency

Hi! I’m Jodie, a new contributor for Mid-Michigan Moms and a Galactosemia advocate thriving on transparency. I was born and raised in Saginaw. Since graduating from Central Michigan University {Fire Up, Chips!}, I have...