‘I Need A Vacation From My Vacation’: Summer Travels With Kids

Have you ever returned home from a family vacation and felt like you need a vacation? I think many people experience this, but especially mamas. And if you stop for a second and reflect on the work it takes to prepare for and execute a vacation, it’s easy to see why.

She starts making the lists a month or more before vacation.

She makes a grocery list, an errand list, and a packing list.

She makes a list of the things to pack the day of.

She starts pre packing weeks before.

She meal plans.

She packs snacks and water for the road.

She does loads of laundry to make sure everything is clean for packing.

She packs for herself.

She packs for the kids.

She packs the kitchen and bathroom necessities.

She is the last one in the car as she double-checks that nothing is left behind and the house is secure. 

She will do everything in her power to ensure her family has a fun and memorable vacation.

She spends her mornings packing for the beach, making lunches, and getting the kids in swimsuits and sunscreen.

She gets everyone settled at the beach, sits down for a minute but then quickly gets asked for a snack.

She cracks her book but then is called to the water to go swimming.

She sits down again but then sees a picture she can’t resist taking.

She opens her book again but then hears the demand for attention from all directions… “look at my sandcastle!”, “watch what I can do!”, “rate my handstand!”

She sets her book down defeated but not disappointed – she loves their excitement; she loves the memories they are making.

She eventually hauls the kids from the beach, despite their protests.

She thinks of all the things she’s going to do after the kids are asleep: clean up from the day, go see what is left of the sunset, enjoy the fire, and finally read some of that book she brought.

She will maybe do one of those things {probably the least enjoyable one} before crawling into bed with the thoughts of what tomorrow will bring.

She doesn’t ask for recognition or a thank you, but she sure deserves it.

vacationIf you had a mama who initiated and executed vacation this summer, let her know you appreciate it.

Addendum: This isn’t a knock on all the rockstar dads like Mid-Michigan dad and my husband, Chris, who help make it all possible. We know you played a role too – whether you made the 3+ grocery runs to help prepare, packed everything in, on, and around the car like the spatial reasoning genius you are {even if it’s self-proclaimed,} and/or got everyone to the destination safely despite the 1 million “are we there yet?” and “how much longer?” outbursts. But, more often than not, it’s the mamas who are the unsung heroes of summer vacation planning.

Are you planning a summer vacation? Share your best road trip or travel hacks!


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