5 Tips to Enjoying Fireworks With Little Kids + Local Fireworks List

Fireworks displays are a classic event sure to be included in every Independence Day celebration, but they can be a nightmare for young families.

Luckily, with a little planning and a few key items, you can actually enjoy taking your kids to see fireworks this Independence Day.

Hearing Protection. This is the first thing you’ll want to consider for your young children, especially babies. Grab a set of noise-canceling headphones from your local sporting goods store or Amazon for under $20. This will protect your child’s developing ears and save you from dealing with a screaming kid. The noise-canceling headphones offer protection and also let your child enjoy the visual show without being terrified by the loud booms. If you can, buy them well enough in advance to try them on your child a few times before the fireworks to get them used to the feeling of wearing them before you are out in public on Independence Day. 

Set Up. Another consideration is where and how you will set up for the show. For a public fireworks event, show up early enough that you have time to set up lawn chairs or an outdoor blanket – especially for Independence Day. Being settled into a comfortable spot will save your arms a lot of strain holding tired kids who may fall asleep before the show is done. A good spot with adequate space and seating will also allow for a better view of the sparkling lights for you and the kids.

Independence Day
Snacks. Because you’ll be there awhile it’s a good idea to pack some easy, portable snacks and drinks. While you wait, keep toddlers and young kids from getting bored and cranky by bringing some fun and appropriate forms of Independence Day entertainment.

Glow Sticks. These are perfect for an event like fireworks and also help with visibility as it gets dark.

Comfort Item. You may also want to bring a comfort item if your child has one. A favorite stuffed animal or blanket can go a long way for kids who may get scared once the explosions start. I’ve definitely been the mom with a screaming, crying toddler who ended up having to leave fireworks early in the past, and it’s a bummer.

With these tips {and maybe some good long naps earlier in the day} you can enjoy fireworks as a family and make some great memories this Fourth of July! 

Not sure when and where Independence Day fireworks are happening near you? 

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