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The Return of College Hockey: The Annual “Duel in the D” at LCA!


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Embrace This Winter: Get Cozy by Practicing Hygge

Feel like hibernating during the winter season? You’re not the only one. There are many reasons why many of us feel like getting cozy under a blanket & agreeing to a lengthy movie marathon with the kids this time of year.

Nature can show us how to embrace winter if we tap into what it’s telling our bodies. It’s a beautiful thing really. But in today’s hustle culture, it is hard to embrace.

There’s a reason you feel like hibernating so let’s dig into it and find out why you should say yes to keeping things simple by enjoying more movie marathons, reading a good book under a blanket, staying home to rest, reflecting more, going on winter walks, cooking and baking cozy food, and all things related to tapping into the nature of the season and getting cozy. 

HyggeWhen winter arrives it brings dormancy. Gloomy days are frequent, the trees are bare, and the ground freezes. Nature does this to conserve energy and prepare for the season ahead, spring. The same with animals. Some animals use hibernation as a strategy to conserve energy in the winter when food supplies are minimal. So, what if we tapped into what winter is silently demonstrating to us by slowing down, conserving our energy, and preparing for the seasons ahead? What would that look like? 

In Denmark, it looks like Hygge and this one word can change the way we embrace winter. Hygge {pronounced hoo-ga} is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of cozy and contentment.

There are a handful of books that will really dig into the concept of Hygge and I’ll link those at the end of this article but in the meantime, you can read all about the basics of Hygge in this article by Lyndsey Matthews, What is Hygge? Everything You Need to Know About the Danish Lifestyle Trend

After some reading about Hygge and all it has to offer us, especially in the winter months, a few highlights came to mind:

  1. If I had to sum up the concept of Hygge I’d say it really has to do with simply embracing the things and the people you love in a cozy way. By embracing the simple pleasures and including them in your daily life, you are slowing down and allowing your body time to rest to prepare for the season of growth ahead. When we embrace the people in our life we should hone into enjoying cozy pleasures with them like a home-cooked meal or meaningful conversation over coffee. 
  2. We can use the winter season to tap into the principles of Hygge by resting and rejuvenating our souls by unplugging from the hustle of life.
  3. Simple ways to practice Hygge: spend quiet time outside, enjoying warm food and drink, dig into that ‘to be read’ pile of books on our nightstand, learn to knit or sew, cozy up and meditate by the fireplace, wear your favorite oversized sweater often, and say yes to more cuddles on the couch.
  4. Really dig into Hygge by creating a cozy spot in your home. Ideas: move a chair to a corner with a small table and lamp so you can have a cozy designated reading spot, organize your stand mixer and frequent baking supplies together in a space on the counter so it’s out and ready to use when you’re looking for a treat, make a puzzle table where you can keep a puzzle out for everyone to work on when they are looking for a cozy activity, or designate a specific spot in your home for yoga and stretching so you can always have a mat rolled out ready to go.

HyggeHygge really offers the opportunity for us to mirror nature. When we look out the window and see the bare trees may we be reminded that the tree is pulling its energy inward so that it can bloom in the spring. We should focus our energy inward too. When we notice our body feeling gloomy just like the sky outside may we be reminded to slow down, listen to our body, and provide it with the leisure and food it needs. Let’s allow nature to guide us through the colder months.

As promised, here are a few books about Hygge:

Hygge: Unlock the Danish Art of Coziness and Happiness by Barbara Hayden

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking

Hygge: The Secrets of the Hygge art towards a Stress-Free and Happier Life by Danielle Kristiansen 

There’s a lot of beauty to be had through practicing Hygge and if you choose to embrace the ideas behind Hygge, even just a little bit, I hope your body will thank you in the seasons to come.

True Crime Docuseries and Podcast Deep Dives to Get You Through Winter

Let’s face it, winters in Michigan are long, cold, and gray. Even the most active of us wind up consuming more television during this season than we might in warmer months.

So here’s a viewer’s guide for the true crime junkies that will get you through this drab season with plenty of drama. For those times it is easier to listen than watch, podcast recommendations are included as well!

Check out these docuseries and podcast pairing ideas, plus a couple of personal favorite series, to take a deep dive into some wild crimes and get your mind off the cold. There are even some Michigan-based podcast episodes included that take place in locales you might recognize. With a variety of podcasts listed, you may find a new favorite and discover even more episodes to love. And if you’re like me and want to know all the details, these pairings and series will be just what you’re looking for. Don’t blame me if you end up down a research rabbit hole after watching! 

true crime deep diveFair warning, none of this True Crime content is family-friendly! Some of these episodes contain swearing and all of them contain graphic images and/or descriptions of violent crimes. Plan to watch or listen when the kids aren’t around and please be sure you can handle this type of content before diving in! 

True Crime Deep Dive Pairings

1. Pam Huppbetrayal, greed, delusional killer

Podcast: The Thing About Pam – Dateline

Docuseries: The Thing About Pam – NBC, available to stream free on Peacock and NBC, also available via paid subscription on other platforms 

2. Betty Broderick – scorned lover, psychological spiral, fall from grace

Podcast: Morbid – Episode 47 – Betty Broderick Minisode

Docuseries: Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story – Netflix

3. Sophie Toscan Du Plantier unsolved mystery, suspicious circumstances, foreign setting

Podcast: True Crime and Cocktails – Episode 60 – Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

Docuseries: Sophie: A Murder in West Cork – Netflix

4. Candy Montgomerysplit personality, legal drama, love affair gone wrong

Podcast: Parcast Female Criminals – “The Killer Housewife” Part 1 & 2: Candy Montgomery 

Docuseries: Candy – Hulu

Standalone Series:

Podcast Series: Gone South – Who Killed Margaret Coon? – cold case, southern mystery

Docuseries: Texas Killing Fields – Netflix – serial killer, multiple suspects, investigative error

Docuseries: The Girl in the Picture – Netflix – plot twists, shocking, secret identities

Bonus Recommendations – Michigan Episodes

Morbid – Episode 355 – Kelly Cochran Aka “The Devil Woman of Michigan”

Dateline – Episode 330 – The Wrong Door

Murder in America – Episode 40 – Michigan – Halloween Party Homicide: The Murder of Chelsea Bruck

48 Hours – Episode 343 – The Death of Todd Stermer


  • For those who enjoy banter and chemistry between podcast hosts, you’ll likely love Morbid and True Crime and Cocktails.
  • If you prefer to cut straight to the case and hear facts and interviews, you’ll enjoy Dateline, 48 Hours, Murder in America, Gone South, and Parcast Female Criminals.
  • Note that the podcasts listed can be accessed for free on apps including Spotify, Castbox, Apple, or Google Podcasts, and likely other platforms you may be using.
  • Parcast network is exclusive to Spotify but you can get an account for free. All shows are listed with the streaming service where they can be watched. 

Tell us – are you a True Crime deep diver, or are you new to the genre? We’d love to hear from you, including your thoughts and recommendations.

Happy Listening + Watching!

20 Points on Why I Don’t Want You Wearing Shoes in My House


I feel like I’ve asked nicely and explained my position well, but a few family members and friends continue to wear their shoes in our home. I have stood up for myself and been polite. No, I’m not going to display a passive-aggressive sign in MY home reminding adults of my wishes; I am, however, going to list 20 reasons and points to support my wishes and send it to my loved ones as a friendly reminder. Jk, or am I??

Without further ado, here we go, 20 reasons I don’t want shoes worn in my house…

  1. It’s unsanitary.
  2. They can be physically dirty. Would you walk around your house with dirty bare feet or if you stepped in pet droppings? No.
  3. I spend the little free time I have cleaning our home for my family, and I don’t want to put more time into cleaning a home that was clean 10 minutes ago.
  4. My sweet little babe crawls around on the floor. She puts toys that roll around on the floor in her mouth. Despite the constant reminders to my 10-month-old to stop putting toys in her mouth, she doesn’t listen; go figure. 
  5. I asked you not to. We teach our children to listen to our directions and wishes. Can we respect each other and do the same?
  6. It brings in microscopic matter that contributes to dust build-up. I don’t need any more dust up in here, up in here.
  7. Here’s one for my medical friends – in 2008, microbiologist Charles Gerba conducted an experiment that showed “a presence of E. coli (known to cause intestinal and urinary tract infections, meningitis and diarrheal disease) and coliform bacteria on 96 percent of the outside of the shoes tested. This indicates frequent contact with fecal material, which most likely originates from floors in public restrooms or contact with animal fecal material outdoors.” Other bacteria collected from the shoes included “Klebsiella pneumonia, a common source of wound and bloodstream infections as well as pneumonia; and Serratia ficaria, a rare cause of infections in the respiratory tract and wounds.” GAG
  8. I completely understand that some people, for medical or comfort reasons, need or prefer to wear shoes in their homes. Hoooowever, this is my home, and maybe you could bring a pair of slippers with you to change into.
  9. Some may argue that the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that can be brought into a home via shoes are already present, but why add to that?
  10. I don’t want you to.
  11. Many allergens adhere to surfaces that shoes come in contact with and then can be brought into a home. It would be awesome if these allergens could hang out on the shoes…by the door.
  12. In my opinion, it’s not that difficult to remove your shoes. I’ll even help you put them back on upon your departure.
  13. I promise to respect your wishes when I visit your home.
  14. Here’s one to think about. In the height of COVID-19, did you take your shoes off after entering your home? Why? Because you could track bacteria or germs in your home. Let’s remember this.
  15. I am teaching my children that we do not wear our shoes in other people’s homes. When they see adults wearing shoes in our home, it is confusing for them, and they question why they are following this request when adults are not. 
  16. Piggybacking on my previous point, my children will probably call you out, and then I’ll have to apologize because I’m embarrassed because you aren’t listening, and then it’s awkward, and so let’s take our shoes off.
  17. Eww.
  18. Not so much a reason but something to think about. Walking barefoot can help improve circulation, sleep quality, and reduce inflammation, pain, and tenderness. See, I do love and care for you!
  19. Some really nasty, possibly endocrine-disrupting lawn chemicals can be brought into the home that should not come in contact with bare skin, i.e. my baby’s chubby knees, and hands.
  20. Last, but certainly not least. It’s my house; please respect my wishes!

Rant over; thank you for reading.

shoes in house

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Looking for family favorites around the Mid-Michigan area? Check out our guides here!


The Star From Afar – Our Family’s Christmas Tradition

Every family has different traditions around the holiday, and each family celebrates in their own way. This is how we celebrate, and one of our favorite parts of the season – The Star From Afar family activity.

About five years back we found an activity book set called “The Star From Afarfrom our local bookstore. It has now become a highlight of our kids’ day during the Christmas season. The best part is that it’s low prep and high in enjoyment. 

Star From AfarThe Star From Afar Set
The set includes a Book called “The Star from Afar” that talks about the Christmas star. The book also includes details on how to play the game and a daily scripture to read with it. Also included in the set is a Nativity display to put up and display in your home. Each home is different, but this game is perfect for what we believe and celebrate as a family!

How to Play Star From Afar
Every day the star is hidden within your home. The kids then look for the star as they go about their day. When they find the star they get to move their piece {a wise-
man, shepherd, or angel} to the star. Before going to bed we check who has left to find the star and then give them some help. We finish the evening by reading the scripture. Check out some of our fun hiding places!


How do you celebrate the season? What are your traditions?

How to Survive Traveling for the Holidays: Flying with an Infant


Maybe it’s been a hot minute since you flew with your infant or you are planning on flying sometime soon. I want to share with you tips and tricks I did to help when flying across the country with my son recently.


*Note: We flew Delta, so please be sure to check with your airlines specifically on their policies.

Flying Tip #1: Determine how you want your child to fly.
I knew I wanted to have my baby in the carrier and in my lap for the flight home to my family. Children under 2 years old fly for free {within the US} if they fly in their parent’s lap. If you want your child to fly in your lap, you will need to add your child to your plane ticket as an Infant-in Arms. *Note: You will NOT be able to check into your flight on your Delta app if you have an Infant on your ticket. You will need to check-in with the ticketing desk and get printed tickets for you and your baby.

More on Infant Travel with Delta

Flying Tip #2: Pack the diaper bag smartly and efficiently.
Even if your baby spits up a lot and has major blowouts like my baby, don’t overpack your diaper bag. I packed everything in groups in plastic ziplock bags to make it easy to grab and clearly see what I had.

-Bag #1 contained diapers and wipes.
-Bag #2 contained 2 extra pajamas, 2 bibs, and 2 burp clothes.
-Bag #3 was an empty bag specifically for dirty outfits. When my son had a blowout, I washed his outfit and put the outfit in Bag #3 to keep separate from everything else.
-Subsequent bags in your diaper bag can of course include medications, butt cream, small toys/books, or whatever you can think of.

Having everything divided made my life SO MUCH easier. Thank you, TikTok for that traveling hack! *Also, your diaper bag does not count as a carry-on bag with Delta.

Flying Tip #3: How to pack a stroller and/or car seat.
You can fly with your car seat and stroller for free on Delta. You have 2 options for traveling with these items: 1) You can either check them in at the outside or indoor desk when you check in with your infant or 2) You can carry those items through TSA and gate check them. We did option #1 since I carried my baby and his milk. Regardless of whatever option you do, I would recommend buying these protective bags. It makes it easier to carry these items through the airport and protects your Stroller and Car Seat if it gets tossed into the plane.

Flying Tip #4: Breastfeeding/Pumping Mommas – READ THIS
Feeding while flying can be stressful because TSA and your airline are 2 separate entities with different rules/guidelines. Please read the TSA’s guidelines on flying with milk. The biggest takeaways are to have your milk bottled in 4 oz increments (not in bags) and to notify TSA from the beginning that you have milk. I carried a lunchbox with 4-ounce breastmilk and formula bottles prepped and a frozen ice pack.

Flying Tip #4a: Take advantage of Nursing Rooms/Pods
If you haven’t flown since before Covid, you may not be familiar with Nursing Rooms or Nursing Pods. These are a BLESSING to visit once you make it through TSA. Depending on your airline and airport, look to see if there are Nursing Rooms. In Detroit, there are nursing rooms in Terminal A near the International Flights wing for Delta. You call a number to receive an access code and there is usually a large space to nurse, pump, or just take a second to breathe. Not all airports have Nursing Rooms, but they may have Nursing Pods. I would recommend downloading the app Mamava to look for a Pod if a nursing room isn’t available near you.

Flying Tip #5: Take advantage of early boarding.
As the airline calls the different sections of Boarding, take advantage of Pre-Boarding with or without a car seat. You will be the first on the plane and take your time with the baby. (Double tip: If you are flying within the US, you do not need their Birth Certificate.)

Tip #6: Be sure to protect the baby’s ears.
The last tip includes protecting your baby’s ears. Be sure to either feed them or have them suck on a pacifier on takeoff and landing. I also bought these to protect my baby’s ears and he did really well with them. The plane did a really good job of providing white noise for my baby, but I did have a portable white noise machine JUST in case he woke up fussy.

Of course, not everything will go perfectly to plan while flying with an infant, but you’ve got this momma.

Buy Local + Support Michigan Authors this Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking to purchase some books for holiday gifts or you just want to add some new reads to your collection, check out this list of Michigan authors and support local this holiday season!

Support Local Authors Book 1: Bromance Book Club
By: Lyssa Kay Adams
Picture it. A bunch of bros reading romance novels to be better partners and lovers. Yes, please! Not only is it endearing but it’s wildly entertaining. You’ll have to be okay with some swears and some sexy time – but I promise you won’t want to put them down. With five books currently in the series – each book takes you through a different book club member’s story.

  • The Bromance Book Club
  • Undercover Bromance
  • Crazy Stupid Bromance
  • Isn’t it Bromantic?
  • A Very Merry Bromance

One of the things that impressed me from the first book was in addition to writing the book itself, Adams also wrote the romance novel they read in the book. And a fun fact, she is now in talks with her publisher about writing that actual book they “read” in the first book.

Buy this series immediately if you want to laugh out loud! And follow Lyssa Kay Adams on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for exciting news about a NetFlix deal in the works!

authorsSupport Local Authors Book 2: The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany
By: Lori Nelson – Spielman
You can’t go wrong with any of the books by Lori Nelson-Spielman, but The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany was my favorite. It probably helped that I was planning a trip to Italy while I was reading it – and then experienced some of the amazing scenery described throughout the book. The story follows three second-born daughters who are thought to be cursed in love. They set off on a trip of a lifetime to break the curse. Do they find love? I won’t ruin that for you – but I’ll tell you they definitely find themselves which is the most important love any of us can find.

Other great reads by Nelson-Speilman:

  • The Life List
  • Sweet Forgiveness

Support Local Authors Book 3: Things we didn’t say
By: Kristina Riggle
I had a hard time categorizing this one. It’s not romance, it’s not chic-lit, it’s not a murder mystery but it is complicated and so good! Telling the story of the “bonus mom” as they call them these days – coming into the lives of an overworked and underpaid fiancée, three unwelcoming kids, and a less than stable ex – it is messy, maddening, and relatable. The story is told from several different perspectives which kept my interest and made me wonder what the next person’s version would be. It’s such a good example of how we can go through the same exact situation as someone else, but our perceived experience or impact could be completely different. I liked that it didn’t wrap up in a perfect bow at the end. It ended well enough, but kept me wondering…like many things in life.

Support Local Authors Book 4: We Hope for Better Things
By: Erin Bartels
I had no expectations and little background on this book when I started, but I couldn’t put it down. Initially, I was pulled in by the storyline involving a Detroit Free Press journalist…because I’m married to one. But the emotional journey spanning from present-day Michigan to the Detroit riot in the 60s to the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, kept me captivated until the end. One house, three interracial couples, and hundreds of stories and secrets of love, heartbreak, and healing. It was non-fiction but felt very much like historical fiction due to all the actual events it referenced. While each storyline showed evidence of the progress we’ve made against racism in America, it also reinforced how far we still have to go. I appreciate how in the book Acknowledgements Bartels owned the risk of a white woman writing a book about racism in America and apologized for anything she might have gotten wrong. The storytelling in this novel is phenomenal and entertaining. And the themes that resonated with me – racism, love, forgiveness – have me not only hoping for better things but inspired to make them happen.  

Support Local Authors Book 5: Haunted Lansing
By: Jenn Carpenter
Hauntings, Murders, True-Crime, O My! You can get it all with Jen Carpenter. Her book Haunted Lansing takes you through the darker side of mid-Michigan. From the capitol building to a haunted road in Mason, to a hospital in Eaton Rapids, you’ll be looking twice the next time you travel through the area. If you want to pick up a copy of this book or countless other true-crime stories check out her store Deadtime Stories: True Crime and Other Books in Reo Town in Lansing. If podcasts are your thing check out So Dead: A true crime podcast where Jenn tells the tales of true crime, the paranormal, and other dark stories across Michigan.

Support Local Authors Book 6: Summer of ‘99
By: JL Hyde

A book set at a summer camp of the U.P.? What could be better? Only that it’s written by a CMU alum – Fire Up Chips! J.L. Hyde’s novel Summer of ’99 – definitely didn’t disappoint. The setting brought back my memories of the glory days of summer camps – swimming, campfires, ghost stories, and young love. While the main character has her eyes set on one love throughout the three summers spanned in the book, I remember my different years by the different summer loves {DJ, Rich and Froggy if you’re wondering.} The book – a murder mystery of sorts – will keep you interested and entertained throughout and if you’re like me…you’ll be a little surprised by the ending.

Authors + Books for all ages and stages:

Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

Elementary School
The Ellie McDoodle Diaries by Ruth McNally Barshaw
Hair Like Mine by LaTashia M. Perry

Middle School
Michigan Chillers and American Chillers series by Johnathan Rand

Young Adult
Five Cousins: Secret of the Butterfly by Angela Cherniawski

Honorable Mentions by Mid-Michigan Moms
Contributors from Mid-Michigan Moms weighed in with some of their favorite books from local authors. Check them out:

Fire Keeper’s Daughter – Angeline Boulley

Chevy in the Hole – Kelsey Ronan

Two Widows – Laura Wolfe

All that we carried – Erin Bartels

Darker than Night – Tom Henderson

Shop Local
We know Michigan is filled with cool bookshops but one I’d love to give a shoutout to } and the location where I started writing this blog} is Hooked in East Lansing. From some of my suggestions, it’s probably obvious I’m located near Lansing, Michigan. But no matter where you live – this place is worth the drive. The only thing I don’t like about it is I didn’t think of it a first. I mean, coffee, books, wine, and games?! Who needs anything else? Not I! Located just down the street from MSU, Hooked has something for everyone, including outdoor seating I can’t wait to try out in the spring.

27th Letter Books – Detroit

The Book Farm – Williamston

Your Turn – we know we didn’t capture them all. Make sure to leave your Michigan author or local books store recommendations in the comments!

#ShopMidMichigan2022 | Mid-Michigan Moms’ Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to do a little bit of holiday shopping with #ShopMidMichigan2022, our 6th annual Holiday Gift Guide! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially with these amazing + local recommendations to help you check off your shopping list…and check it twice!

We love putting this guide together each year. Each business and experience featured has been hand-selected by our team. Follow along with our Facebook and Instagram pages throughout the holiday season as we featured more of these incredible businesses and experiences featured below.

The Mid-Michigan Moms team wishes you a wonderful + joyous holiday season!


We’re thrilled to feature Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, #ShopMidMichigan2022!

Great Lakes Crossing Outlets has nearly 185 distinctive stores, restaurants, and attractions. Many can’t be found anywhere else in Michigan. Many new stores, like M Street Baking Company, Vineyard Vines, rue21, Toy Alley, Impossible Kicks, and more, have opened just this year! Check out all stores HERE. Visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and Peppa Pig World of Play are always at the top of our children’s wish lists. Cap it off with a visit to Santa’s Flight Academy, and it’s easy to see why Great Lakes Crossing Outlets is our team’s number-one pick for one-stop shopping during the holiday season and beyond.

Santa’s and his team arrived on November 17th! Meet Santa’s elves, and enjoy the magic of the season at this innovative + interactive holiday photo experience! Reservations are limited and strongly recommended for all photo sessions, but aren’t required. 

The magic of the holiday season is all around at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets! Voted a Traveler’s Choice by Tripadvisor, GLCO is your one-stop shopping destination! Shopping hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 9 pm, and Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.

The Bromance Book Club Series by local author Lyssa Kay Adams

Are you a member of the Mid-Michigan Moms’ Book Club? Each month, we feature a new book and a new host. We have a guided discussion and talk about some pretty great reads like local author Lyssa Kay Adams‘ Bromance Book Club Series! Voted Amazon’s Best Romance Book of the Year in 2019, the first book in the series sets the stage for the next four books that have us 100% HOOKED! The latest book in the series was just released. A Very Merry Bromance would make an amazing gift for the mom readers on your list, and we are so excited to feature this local author in #ShopMidMichigan2022!

Refined Common

Meet Teresa at Refined Common. Teresa is a Seint Artist. f you’ve never heard of Seint it’s about time you do! Let us tell you about this women-owned business that offers skin care, makeup, & more. Seint believes that, “helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life-changing.” Teresa is a mom & Seint artist. She was hooked on the products after she fell in love with Seint’s IIID Foundation as it helped cover her rosacea. These products are cruelty & paraben free, and we are thrilled to welcome this local business to #ShopMidMichigan2022. You can shop Seint with Teresa & connect with her for a free color match online at Refined Common.

Country Home Creations

It doesn’t get any more local than Country Home Creations! Founded in 1980 by Shirley Kautman-Jones, Country Home Creations started as a basement operation. Now, their line of over 100 different gourmet mixes – created the old-fashioned way, by hand every day, using premium quality ingredients – can be found at thousands of retailers across the country {and internationally}! The best part? Shirley and her family still use the same premium ingredients to craft their mixes by hand. From dip mixes, pickle mixes, soup mixes, cheesecake mixes, or delicious recipes, the Country Home Creations kitchen has you covered. 


Happy Girl Granola

Happy Girl Granola is a female-owned business, proudly located in owner Aly Caverson’s hometown of Owosso, Michigan. Aly started Happy Girl Granola in her parents’ kitchen in 2014, and her amazing products are now made in small batches in her own commercial kitchen facility. Happy Girl Granola has evolved from a booth at local farmers’ markets to a retail storefront that includes: granola + candied pecans, kitchen + home decor products, and Happy Girl coffee + hot cocoa produced by Fireside Coffee. You can also grab Happy Girl Granola at the Meijer Woodward Corner Market in Royal Oak, the Meijer Capital City Market in Lansing, & at Fireside Coffee in Swartz Creek. Welcome to #ShopMidMichigan2022!


juneberryplace home fragrances launched in September 2022. This Michigan, woman-owned business features hand-poured soy blend candles with a simple, modern, sophisticated aesthetic. With the addition of a wooden wick to its matte black tins, JBP candles will enhance your home decor while you enjoy the ambient sound of crackling wood. Growing up in a family with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, JBP owner, Lyssa, wanted to learn everything she could about candle making and launch her own business!  She is continually intrigued by the mix of art, science, crafting, and creativity that she is able to experience every day with her business. The Winter Candle Collection is live, and it looks amazing! Welcome to #ShopMidMichigan2022, JBP!

Go With The Flow Designs

Go with the Flow Designs is a new, local business owned by local mompreneur, Shelby. A stay-at-home mom for four years, Shelby wanted to combine being home with her girls and watching them grow, with her creative side. Her business does just that! Featuring custom engraved pieces, the new collection offers signage, keepsakes, and decor for every home. We’re thrilled to feature Go with the Flow Designs in #ShopMidMichigan2022!

Guinea Hill Soap

Based in Lapeer, Michigan, Guinea Hill Soaps provides soaps created with vintage recipes, using old-fashioned techniques. Thoughtfully crafted bath and body products that you’ll love to use season by season. Made with only toxin-free and plant-based oils, this #ShopMidMichigan2022 business features soaps that are safe for the whole family!



MelaMed Premium CBD

Based in West Bloomfield Michigan, the MelaMed Premium CBD family consists of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds – from their award-winning master chef, to the agricultural experts and farmers who provide this local company with the industry’s purest USA-grown strains of industrial hemp, to the biologists, chemists, and certified consultants who’ve helped make MelaMed one of the most trusted CBD brands available today! At MelaMed, there is a deep passion and drive to produce the market’s highest-quality CBD products. The MelaMed team is inspired every day to bring the best-tasting and most effective products available to the market. We are thrilled to feature this Michigan company in #ShopMidMichigan2022 and to offer a 30% off discount code of MMM30 for our readers!


Metamora General Store

The site of our team pictures last winter, the Mid-Michigan Moms’ team loves the Metamora General Store! A hip 1920s refurbished gas station in historic Metamora is the home to new & vintage finds, eclectic gifts & apparel. Grab a custom-made coffee, or wine by the glass, and explore the amazing and unique finds at this wonderful, local, charming store. It’s a don’t-miss on our list, and we are thrilled to feature this Michigan business in #ShopMidMichigan2022!


Feed Me Michigan + Cherry St Eats

This #ShopMidMichigan2022 business has been a local favorite for many years! Laura and Jen at Feed Me Michigan create nutrient-dense, macro-based meals made from real whole food ingredients right here in Mid-Michigan. If you’re looking for a simple and tasty way to make sure you’re staying energized with real, whole food meals look no further. Feed Me Michigan was created thanks to the passion that Laura and Jen have for taking charge of your health at any age through ideal and tasty nutrition. Laura and Jen take orders every week through Thursday at midnight and your beautiful, nourishing meals will be ready for you to pick up in Fenton, Cherry St East in Flushing, or Grand Blanc on Monday at select times. YUM!


Michigan Threads Headbands

A Michigan business with a growing presence across the country, featuring high-quality accessories. This #ShopMidMichigan2022 business is known for soft comfy headbands that don’t move and don’t give headaches. Great for workouts and look so good for a day on the town! 


Katie The Cookie Lady

Katie The Cookie Lady, is a home-based bakery located in Grand Blanc, MI. Katie became a full-time cookie artist in January 2019. She makes cookies for all types of events including baby showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, baptisms, weddings, and more! All of life’s big memorable moments deserve a plate of beautiful cookies. Her cookies have been described as “too pretty to eat” but their taste matches their beauty. Katie’s signature vanilla almond sugar cookie dough decorated with vanilla almond royal icing is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We’re thrilled to feature this Mitten-born business in #ShopMidMichigan2022.  


Buff City Soap

Featuring plant-based Soap, Bath Bombs, Laundry Soap, and more! Frustrated by commercial soaps’ harsh chemicals, detergents, and animal fats, Buff City Soap set out to create a better way! Buff City Soap — delightfully scented plant-based soaps, handmade daily, in its local, Fenton Soap Makery. Shop In-Store or Online and discover plant-based Soap, Bath Bombs, Laundry Soap, and more! We’re thrilled to feature this wonderful show in #ShopMidMichigan2022.  


Thrive Wellness Center

Thrive Wellness Center offers designed nutritional programs, chiropractic care, and wellness products for those looking to improve their health without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Shannon Roznay is a Nutrition Response Testing master and instructor and offers Activator Methods chiropractic alongside nutritional programs to optimize health and achieve true wellness. Thrive Wellness Center strives to deliver the highest quality natural health solutions to the community and provides excellent service and support to all who seek an alternative to drugs and surgery.

Emerald Bird Designs

Adorable, hand-made one of kind items! Jewelry, crafts, and other amazing creations for every one in the family!

Blue Lilac Skincare

Blue Lilac Skincare was born out of one woman’s love for healthy skin and her dedication to translating this passion into skincare solutions. In 2017, founder Mayuri was diagnosed with Endometriosis. At the peak of her health struggles with the condition, she also experienced highly sensitive allergies and skin rashes. Instead of giving up, she dove headfirst into learning and discovered that much of her physical condition could be changed by what she put in and on her body. Most of Blue Lilac’s ingredients are organic, Eco-certified, and sourced from certified Fair-trade vendors. Products in small batches in Michigan, to ensure optimal quality and lasting freshness.


We hope our Holiday Gift Guide makes your gift-giving shopping a bit easier + introduces you to some new and amazing Michigan-born businesses! Comment below and let us know if you have a favorite, local business that we should include! Or email us at

We wish you a wonderful + joyous holiday season!
Happy shopping!

Guess What’s Back?? Mid-Michigan Moms’ Winter Crate!


We are thrilled to announce Mid-Michigan Moms’ second annual Winter Crate!

What’s a Winter Crate? It’s an exclusive, specially curated wire basket crate packed with over $100 worth of products from some of our favorite women-run local businesses. We’ve searched high and low to curate this cozy collection of winter goodies – that will make an amazing gift or special treat for yourself. This crate is filled with must-have beauty staples, locally made goodies including granola, cookies, and paleo vegan cheesecake, a dry brush, hand-crafted earrings, laundry soap without the harsh chemicals, plant-based soap, mini bath bomb, a Michigan-made candle, and wood ornament, exclusive and custom Mid-Michigan Moms’ Carharrt beanie, and hand-picked book from our amazing team of writers – this crate has something for everyone. Crates are $50 and are an exclusive, seasonal item. Sadly, we only have a handful of crates, so once they are gone – they are gone!

This year’s winter crate would not have been possible without its presenting sponsor, Thrive! Wellness Center. Thrive! Wellness Center and Dr. Shannon Roznay strive to deliver the highest quality natural health solutions to their community and provide excellent service and support to all who seek an alternative to drugs and surgery. Thrive! offers designed nutritional programs, chiropractic care, and wellness products. Dr. Shannon Roznay is a Nutrition Response Testing master and instructor and offers Activator Methods chiropractic alongside nutritional programs to optimize health and achieve true wellness.

Click a button below to learn more about Thrive! Wellness Center


Read below to see the local businesses featured in our winter crate and what items will come in each crate!
Click on the images below to learn more about each business.

A Wholesome Beauty dry brush thanks to our Winter Crate Sponsor, Thrive! Wellness Center in Saline.
Michigan made Cherry Almond Granola
Seint Lip + Cheek in shade Royal from Refined Common
Feed Me Michigan's insanely good Paleo Mini Caramel Cheesecake
Stunning wood ornament handmade by Go With The Flow Designs
A hand picked book by the Mid-Michigan Moms team
A beautiful and cozy scented candle from the winter collection at June Berry Place
Handcrafted earrings from our very own Jenna at Emerald Bird Designs
A yummy smelling purse sized lotion from Guinea Hill Soap
A delicious and winter themed cookie from Katie The Cookie Lady
An adorable sample sized set of laundry soap, soap, and mini bath bomb from Buff City Soap in Fenton
A hair accessory and 20% promo code from Michigan Threads Headbands
One Mid-Michigan Moms Carharrt beanie in one of three randomly selected colors (colors as shown above)
All crate items come in a black, wire basket lined with a buffalo plaid cloth napkin. Both of these items can be repurposed in your home in a variety of ways.

Want a Winter Crate to call your own {or gift to a special someone}?
Crate ordering goes live on Monday, November 28th, at 8:00 am. At that time, we ask that you complete the form below. Once we receive your order confirmation, you will receive a PayPal invoice for payment from Please pay the invoice within 24 hours to reserve your crate – remember, we only have a handful of crates!

Crates will be available for pick-up on Sunday, December 11th, in Fenton, MI. After December 11th, crates will be available for pick-up at a secure and local business in northeast Flint, MI.

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship this item.


  • Please include the email address that we can send a PayPal invoice to. Please note that crates are limited and in order to reserve yours, payment must be received within 24 hours of receiving an invoice.

winter crate


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