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We are passionate about the Mid-Michigan community and the moms who live here. Our goal is to make this community feel just a little bit smaller. By using both our website, as well as, various social media outlets, we are able to keep you up to date on family-friendly activities around town, provide advice on motherhood, and encourage each of you to get out and explore all that our wonderful area has to offer!

Milk Machine: Resources for Sharing or Donating Your Breastmilk Supply

Pre-baby, breastfeeding - let alone milk supply - was a topic I knew almost nothing about. Nothing except that it seemed like a good idea and one I wanted to try when I started...
baby sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle: A Virtual Event for Hopeful, Expecting, + New Mothers

To our hopeful, expecting, and new moms, we realize current events have thrown a complete wrench into your plans - whether it be prenatal visits, birth plans, childcare, or the health of you and...

I Want Another Baby, But I Don’t Want Another Baby

Maybe it’s the fact that my “baby” will be three this year and isn’t really considered a baby anymore. Maybe it’s because when her brother was that age I was pregnant with her and my...
dear mamas

Don’t Give People What They Want to See. Give Them You.

When I was in college I spoke at a weekend retreat, called 'Tool Time', that the university hosted for high school youth group students from across the state. As hundreds of high school students,...
geriatric pregnancy

Geriatric Pregnancy: Are You Calling Me Old?!

We don't always get a say in how things will happen in our lifetime. The path my life has taken me on is probably a lot different than the path your life has taken...
michigan egg hunt

Michigan Egg Hunt

Remember our social distanced egg hunt in 2020?! Well, it's back! We realize the circumstances have improved, quite a bit actually, since Easter of 2020 but still not that same as our favorite family...

A Teacher’s Tips on Raising A Positive Thinking Child

Driving to school after a stressful morning, arguing over socks {my six-year-old's biggest issue at 7 AM!}, my daughter says in tears,  "I hate my life, it is stupid." My first thought was to get...
michigan summer camp

Guide to Summer Camps In + Around Mid-Michigan

We are so pleased to bring you the 2021 Mid-Michigan Guide to Summer Camps; a guide to amazing camps in our area. Below you will find all kinds of information on the variety of summer camps in the area: from traditional overnight camps to nature centers, language camps, and more!
read across america day free printables

Read Across America Day: FREE Printables!

It's Read Across America Day, a day to celebrate our favorite activity... READING! We've created a few FREE printables to inspire the little reader in your life. WEEKLY READING HABIT CHART COLOR YOUR OWN BOOKMARK