What to Pack: The Ultimate Summer Camp Packing List + Guide

Summer Camp what childhood dreams are made of, and if you are prepared, parents dreams too.  A full week of unplugged, wholesome fun, where your child(ren) get to make the best memories, new friends, build confidence, independence, and foster skills that will guide them in the right direction for life – making sure that you send them with all the necessities for a great week away from home may just be the hardest part.. which is why we and our friends over at YMCA Camp Copneconic have you covered with the ultimate Summer Camp Packing List + Guide to ensuring your kiddos have THE BEST time at Summer Camp!

ymca camp copneconic summer camp

  1. As as you embark on ensuring your child(ren) have everything they need for a great week away is to START EARLY. We keep a clear bin in our child’s room where we drop everything we think of that we may need during the weeks prior to finally putting them all in their duffle and/or trunk.  It helps to keep items located as well as that dreaded “where did I put XYZ?! When I stashed it away so I wouldn’t forget it!”
  2. Have your child pack with you.  They will be the one living independently with their fellow campers and Counselor so they should know what they brought with them and where it is in the camping gear.  This ease the stress on all parties and make for a smooth transition to the best week away.

3. Use our packing list! We along with the experts over at YMCA Camp Copneconic have rounded up all the essentials you should bring along to ensure your child(ren) are prepared! 

overnight summer camp packing list

We’ve left plenty of blanks to fill any with any “specialty camp” specific items you may need to bring, as well as those few essentials that make your week away easier.  Such as certain comfort items like stuffies or blankets, photographs from home, etc. 

To Download the FREE .pdf Summer Camp Packing List Click HERE

ymca camp copneconic summer camps

4. Reminder to LABEL EVERYTHING. There are stamp labels, iron on labels, or you can use a faithful permanent marker. 

5. BREAK IN THOSE SHOES before the camper heads to camp! Nothing is worse then having to walk with blisters for a week!

6. Last and most important, give that kiddo a big hug and wish them lots of fun as they head of to a great week at Summer Camp!

ymca camp copneconic

About Mid-Michigan Moms’ favorite YMCA Camp Copneconic :: While summer camps’ main attraction is wholesome fun, it’s also an amazing growing and learning experience offering countless opportunities for kids to build their sense of self-worth through increased confidence in their overall abilities.
Nestled within 700 acres of beautiful and serene property in Fenton, YMCA Camp Copneconic is a true, Midwest gem. With a rich history, Camp C has offered outdoor programs for youth and families across the country and right here in Michigan since 1915. Blending its roots with modern-day facilities, Camp Copneconic provides an amazing and wide variety of summer camp programming for children whose mission is to build a guiding compass of values and character that will develop kids – well beyond their time at Camp – pointing them in the right direction for life!
  • Day Camps are designed for kids aged 4 through those entering eighth grade and will kick off on June 17th!
  • Overnight Camps are where memories are made along with lifelong friendships, self-confidence, and independence beginning on July 7th! It is at overnight camps that children truly will unplug from technology and reconnect with nature for a week at a time, participating in a variety of traditional camp activities!
For more information on the Camp Copneconic experience for your child(ren) and to register, call 810-629-9622 or visit
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