5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

When I think of spring, I think of two things: cleaning and flowers. Since I don’t have much luck with plants, I’d like to share a few ways to start preparing for spring cleaning ahead of schedule to help maximize your efforts later!

  1. Make a list of things you’d like to tackle:
    Lists are great to keep you on task when you’re taking on a big project like spring cleaning. Did you know checking items off a list is known to give a happy little boost of dopamine? Try to stick to your list as much as possible to avoid going down the “rabbit hole” of distracted cleaning. If you find something along the way that wasn’t on your list, make a new list to be completed later. I highly recommend downloading this easy to follow comprehensive list from Taste of Home to help get you started.  
  2. Stock up on cleaning supplies:
    Once you’ve put a list of projects together, make sure you have everything you need to accomplish each one. Does your duster need to be replaced? Time to upgrade your mop? Do you have enough trash bags?
    Cleaning products have come a long way in the last decade or so to give us chemical-free and sustainable options too. Grove Collaborative has a huge selection of products from companies all committed to healthier options for their customers and for the environment. One of my favorites is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day line – they all smell so amazing!spring cleaning
  3. Get ready to get organized:
    If you know you’ll be sorting through drawers and cabinets to tackle spring cleaning, being prepared with all the tools you need to store items that land in the “keep” pile is key! While it’s fantastic to rid your junk drawer of all unnecessary items, it’s even better to have it all organized! If you aren’t sure how to turn your mess into something functional, check out this hidden gem from The Container Store. The online resource has over 350 inspirational projects with tutorials and links to buy everything you need to organize just about every area of your home!
  4. Mark your calendar:
    Whether you decide to do it all in one day, one weekend, or space it out over several weekends, schedule dates and times on your calendar and don’t let yourself schedule over it. If your family is like mine, our social calendar fills up so quickly that I constantly find myself wishing for more time to get things done around the house. By blocking out this time on our family calendar, it reminds me that spring cleaning is a priority that shouldn’t be pushed back… or I may never find the time!organize, calendar
  5. Involve the whole family:
    Although getting kids to do chores can seem like a difficult chore in and of itself, research indicates that children who do chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delayed gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school. 
    Help make it fun for them! As an adult, you will set the tone for these sorts of activities in your home. Some of my best memories as a child were when my parents would blast their favorite music on their {super fancy 5-disc} CD player and we would spend our Saturday mornings doing chores together. Make it a game to see who can check off the most chores. Set an incentive like dinner at your favorite restaurant or a trip to the local ice cream parlor! Personally, I’ll be rewarding myself with a nice manicure after all that scrubbing!  Once you know what you’re doing, what you need, and who’s doing what – you’ll be more than ready to tackle your not-so-scary-anymore spring cleaning!