5 Tips for Back to the Bricks with Kids

Few things are more “Michigan” than classic cars which is why Back to the Bricks should be on everyone’s summer bucket list! From the various tune-up parties across the state and the rolling cruises to the holy grail of Michigan Car Shows Saturday on Saginaw Street there is a little something for everyone!

As someone who has watched this event grow from around 600 cars in 2005 to over 30,000 cars and almost 500,000 people I can say it truly is an event for all ages to enjoy!

back to the bricks car cruise flint michigan
2007 – Flint, Michigan

As I’ve gone from a daughter cruising along with her dad and friends, to a planner of an official stop the Back to the Bricks Mitten Promo Tour, participating at AutoRama under the Back to the Bricks umbrella, to now a parent myself, here are my 5 best tips to make the most of Back to the Bricks with your family!

  1. Look but DO NOT Touch. 

    These car people spend weeks if not months prepping to have their ride dialed in for display on the bricks.  Waxing, polishing, buffing, greasing – you name it.  They’re proud of their car and want to show it off. Please ensure that you and your children do not touch these rides.  Especially be careful of button, zippers, and belts when gazing into vehicles.  One scratch can cause thousands in repair.  These are precious pieces of history they took the time to bring out for the publics enjoyment, please treat them as so.

  2. Bring a Wagon or a Stroller. 

    The bricks of Saginaw Street are deceiving, let alone in August heat. Not only will a wagon or stroller allow you to explore all the vehicles on Saginaw Street but you can check out the side streets and vendors as well.  Plus you can store snacks, drinks, and any purchases within it.  Please do keep in mind #1 and do not try and push these between or close to cars!

  3. Ask Questions!

    Don’t be afraid to inquire what is under the hood! This is a great opportunity to teach your children and learn yourself about Michigan’s historic role in the automotive industry especially that of Flint.  A lot of times you will be surprised with the stories the owners have of how they acquired the car or a certain memory of why it is so special to them.  We always like to play pick your favorite car where everyone has their ride that they would like to drive home in!

    back to the bricks flint michigan
    2002 – Back to the Bricks
  4. Check out the Vendors + Restaurants + Sponsors

    This is another opportunity to check out what is happening in + around Flint, Michigan.  Pop in shops, enjoy an infamous Torch Burger, and explore the Flint Farmers Market! There are really cool statues right by the flat lot and a ton of personalized bricks with a lot of history behind them plus all the sponsors who so generously make this FREE event happen. It gives a nice break up of the day for everyone as opposed to just walking and looking at cars plus the local economy appreciates it more than you know! 

  5. Enjoy the Day! 

    My dad loved cars and some of my best memories are hanging out with him and his buddies on the bricks. My friends would come and we’d each hop in a hot-rod and learn so much about why these cars were important to them as well as all the labor and love that went into each one.  I especially loved when my dad would walk by one on display and share that was what my grandparents drove and a little memory attached to it. Classic cars are a great generational bonding topic and I encourage you to use this FREE event to make your own memories or share little bits of information about a car story from your family that means a lot to you!

    back to the bricks car cruise
    2008 – Back to the Bricks

    Tell us what is your dream car? Classic or New?

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