Tips and Tricks for Job Hunting

Being a mom is a tough job. Adding on working outside of the home can be even harder. A few years ago, I made a career change and am so happy I did. For me, I really enjoy working with my clients and meeting new people through the coaching I do.

job interviewIf you are finding yourself looking to get back into the workforce or making a career change check out my job hunting tips:

 Job Hunting Tip#1: Explain any gaps. If there are gaps in employment explain them on your resume. The hiring manager is going to ask so you are being proactive by putting downtime spent as a stay at home mom and other gaps. Feel free to also include volunteer work you did during that time- for example: PTA president.

Job Hunting Tip#2: Know your must-haves and your limits. Sometimes we see something we want and put on our rose-colored glasses and ignore some things that just won’t work for our lifestyles. Be sure to know the hours you can commit to working, including commute time. If this is a job you want but it has you working four ten-hour afternoon shifts that may not work for your family. Set your list before you go job hunting on what you can and cannot do.

Job Hunting Tip#3: Have your childcare plan already set up before beginning interviews. Once you have set your boundaries on when you can work and location wise research your options for childcare or afterschool programs. These can fill up fast and you want to make sure you have a spot for when you get hired and you know the prices of this going into the process.

Job Hunting Tip#4: Recruit some help from a friend or two. Have someone other than yourself look over your resume. Once you have worked on your resume send it out to some trusted friends and family. Ask them to look at it with a critical eye. We often cannot see our own errors in our writing. They may also see an area where you can expand on or clarify.

Job Hunting Tip#5: Rehearse with a friend. Review basic interview questions and talking through your resume experiences. If you have been out of the job market for a while or even just the interviewing stage it is easy to get rusty on interview-type questions. Google top interview questions and sit down with a friend to practice your answers. Then when you go into the real interview maybe a little nervous at least you will not be caught off guard by the basic interview questions.

Job Hunting Tip#6: Be confident! You are a momma and can-do hard things. Even though this may be a new company, role, or even job market be confident in yourself and your skills.

Doing your research for a job and taking the time to make your resume the best it can be, shows the future employer you are serious and disciplined. Also, the resume and interview are your first and only interactions with them to make an impression…you’ve got this!