My Piercing … Down There: Feeling Sexy After Becoming a Mom

Yes, I got a piercing…down there.

Becoming a mom changes so many things. It changes your daily life and the way you think. Becoming a mom most definitely changes how you feel about yourself.

For me, becoming a mom changed the way I saw myself sexually. I have birthed two beautiful babes. During that process, I gained weight and stretch marks, my boobs grew, and my hips became broader. All of these things I saw as “unattractive.”

I have a wonderful husband who reminds me daily that I am the most beautiful woman in his eyes. He worships my body and soul. We are open and communicate, and things are bow-chicka-wow-wow in the bedroom.

Feeling sexy after becoming a mom has been a struggle. But, unfortunately, the problem wasn’t behind those closed doors; it was in my head.

I knew I had to do something to make myself feel sexy again. But it didn’t start with my piercing. Things actually started small. Hubs and I found many fun websites {hello, Fifty Shades}. Why not try to spice things up? It slowly started working. I bought sexy outfits and killer heels. Slowly I gained my confidence back. Throughout all this, my husband was not complaining, making me feel even more connected sexually. 

One thing led to another, and I realized I was here for all of it. I still have doubts and body image issues, but it’s improving. 

My most considerable confidence boost has been a secret that I’ve kept from everyone but my husband {and my best friends – let’s be real}. It’s a secret, and it’s between my legs. It’s small and hidden and something more common than you think. It’s a piercing that changed the way I felt about my body almost instantly. I felt sexy again.

I have a small gem down there, and it makes me feel like a sex goddess. 

Yes, this is a taboo topic. So what?! People have sex, and people get piercings. Sometimes I don’t understand how people can be so judgemental and stigmatize something that most people often do enough {I mean, we are all moms, everyone knows what you did.}

It was more of an experiment. I wasn’t necessarily scared to get it done – it’s only a 16guage needle and I’ve had other piercings. I also knew if I hated it, I could take it out; like any piercing, it’ll heal. So, why not try it? So, I made the jump and got a “private piercing,” and I am glad I did. 

I did my research, and I talked it over with my husband. This was something that I had been interested in for a while, so he wasn’t super shocked when I brought up the topic. He was more excited and nervous. This was something I wanted to do by myself and for myself. He was super supportive, which I cannot be thankful for enough. 

So one day, during my lunch hour, I drove to the studio and asked lots and lots of questions. You know what? I asked how many of these they had done; they said they couldn’t even begin to guess. But what really shocked me was when they told me most of the women getting a piercing are in their thirties. 

This statement made me feel so seen, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and more women were rediscovering their sexuality like I was. It also made me feel like I wasn’t too old to do something like this. If this is something that you’ve thought about and have never made the plunge, this mama highly recommends it. 

Now here is where it gets a little spicy. What everyone wants to know: Does it help in the bedroom? That’s the question I have got from EVERYONE that I have told. The quick answer is, kind of? Am I super sensitive? Yes, but I naturally always have been. Does it feel super good to have something else put pressure there? Also, yes. But does it really change things? I would say, no not really. But I would say that there is a huge turn-on factor… like I think it’s sexy, my husband thinks it sexy, and when something makes you feel sexy it usually makes things go better in the bedroom. 

Finding your sexuality again doesn’t mean you have to go get a piercing, it can be anything that makes you feel sexy. Buy that lingerie or cute, comfy outfit, get some new bedroom toys, or don’t. Do whatever you need to do to feel sexy because you deserve it. 

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