Tips on Dealing with an Injured Child

Recently, my oldest daughter broke her elbow. I mean, REALLY broke it. My poor girl ended up in surgery with a titanium screw {which she thinks is super cool, by the way}. As a parent, I can confidently say there is nothing worse than watching your child go through a traumatic event ending in an injury or an illness. I wanted so badly to take all of her pain away.

Since this was our first BIG injury, especially resulting in surgery, we were basically in survival mode. After the dust settled, I thought about what helped us get through the last few months and wanted to write some helpful tips.

  • Ask for help – There is nothing wrong with reaching out to your support system, especially in a time of need. Whether it’s asking for childcare assistance or just an ear to vent, people are usually very willing to lend a hand.
  • Manage your time accordingly – Dealing with a child who is injured can take a lot more time to get out of the door in a timely fashion – not to mention extra doctor visits and appointments. Make sure that your calendar isn’t too full so you’re not taking on more than you physically can. If you are, please see above. 
  • Take care of yourself – You will be of no help to your child if you’re not healthy yourself. Easier said than done, I know, especially in a crisis, but even just focusing on something small like staying hydrated and getting sleep will go a long way for your mental stability. 
  • Ask questions – lots of questions. You deserve to know and understand what’s going on with your child. Unless you’re in the medical field, you might not have a clue about what the doctor is explaining and that’s okay! Ask for clarification and don’t stop asking until you’re comfortable with the information. My rule of thumb is I should be able to talk {semi} confidently about what’s going on with my kids.
  • Follow doctor’s orders – They give us instructions for a reason, so listen to what they’re suggesting and follow it to avoid further injury {I may or may not be speaking from experience}.
  • Listen to your gut – Mom intuition is a real thing, need I say more?
  • Keep smiling – I know this seems a little crazy, given the situation, but when your child sees you stressed, that stresses them too. Lending a smile- even briefly- will make them feel so much better. It could also help you keep a positive outlook on things. Parenting is a lot of fake it ’til you make it anyways, amiright?!

injured childI hope you can take something away from this list and I’d love for you to add on! What helps you during difficult times?! Chime in and share your best tips!


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