Mom Hack: Eliminating Overflowing Morning Diapers

This nugget right here; he’s pretty cute. He also was a pro sleeper. Hate me yet? Hold that thought.

Such an amazing sleeper in fact, that he would sleep so deeply and then startle us awake with the highest pitched shrieking we were lead to believe there was something terribly wrong – for two months straight. But alas, it was an oversaturated diaper, a very sad babe who was soaked from head to toe and absolutely inconsolable. Being first-time parents, my husband and I assumed this was a phase and we went about our lives. We doubled up his sheets, tried every diaper brand and size known to man, and sadly ended up giving him a daily early morning bath.

I was at my wits end one day complaining to my son’s pediatrician when she mentioned an absorbent pad that could be placed inside a diaper overnight for babies that could win gold in the overnight pee Olympics. Genius, I thought…a pad that absorbs liquid, why didn’t I think of that?

After turning to my trusty friends {aka Amazon reviewers} for an answer and comparing costs, materials, and labels I landed on Sposie Diaper Booster Pads. I was so excited to hopefully wake to a happy baby that I paid extra for next day delivery.

Fast-forward four years and two additional bed soakers and we have not had to change a SINGLE set of wet sheets or give another middle-of-the-night bath to a screaming, stinky baby. What do I love more than the fact that I’m doing less laundry? That these pads are chemical-free and hypo-allergenic. I cannot say how grateful this family, and our washing machine, are for years of happy and dry morning babies!

Do your babies wake up with soaked diapers? You have to try Sposie Diaper Pads!