Let’s Start Lifting One Another Up, Instead of Tearing One Another Down

Ladies, can we stop tearing one another down? There is enough negativity in today’s society and saying hurtful things to or about others isn’t creating a healthy world for the next generation.

What are we teaching our daughters? What example are we setting when we engage in tearing others down to make ourselves feel better?

Think of it this way – if it was your sister, mom, friend, or self, being talked about in a negative way by a stranger, how would you respond? How would you feel? 

tearing one another downThis stranger is tearing down a person you care about. They are taking what they see on the surface, and passing judgment. And it may not even be that big of a deal. But today we live in a world where we take a small skirmish, a simple mistake, or a difference in parenting and create huge problems and judgments.

We have enough negativity in the world! Fueling the hate and negativity around us, only makes it worse. By tearing others down, you might start to make them hurt for things they may have thought were small.

For example:

  • When you see the mom in the store with her kids and one is having a meltdown don’t stare.
  • Don’t start tearing her down and making comments about how you would handle it, or how wouldn’t take all your kids to the store for that very reason.
  • Instead, smile at her and say you’re doing your best. Or, simply move on.
  • If your kid has an issue with another child, don’t chase the other kid down and seek out the parent. They will make contact with mom or dad soon, and then you can approach the parent if necessary.
  • Don’t make rude comments about how you think another parent’s “punishment” isn’t enough.
  • Don’t engage in tearing other parents down because they handled a situation differently than you would.

Think about what’s happening that you can’t see. For example:

  • Maybe the mom with three kids by herself is trying to give her kids a chance to run, play and explore after a week of being inside.
  • Maybe the mom in the store is in pain of some sort or being watched for pregnancy complications.
  • Perhaps the mom who didn’t give an appropriate “punishment” has a husband who is working long hours so he can be there to take care of his family when the baby comes, and she is simply overwhelmed.
  • Maybe the mom you were tearing down for letting her kids explore in the enclosed park without her following directly behind them is nursing her baby. Or maybe this is the only way she can let them play safely outside because the apartment they live in has no play area.
  • Perhaps the mom you judge for not providing a healthy lunch or snack simply grabbed what she had on hand because her baby has been sick all week and she is taking a much-needed break.

You never know where someone else has been, what they are going through or the leaps they had to take to get where they are. We are all in different stages of life, we are all in different stages on what we can provide. But we are all the same in the fact that we can ALL show kindness and be an example of lifting other women up.

Let’s stop tearing others down, and start lifting them up.

Have YOU been lifted up by another mom? Share it with us!


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