Please Stop Bringing Your Sick Kids

I pinky promise that I almost never give out unsolicited advice or make requests or ask {tell} others what to do, but please, stop bringing your sick kids. Stop bringing them to school. Stop bringing them to the park. Stop bringing them to the outdoor family reunion in mid-August with a heat index of 97. Just. Please. Stop.

The barking coughs, runny noses, and exhaustion-induced whining tugs at my mom heartstrings and also leaves me frantically reaching for the hand sanitizer. I sincerely understand the unrelenting need to get outside and do all the things, but please, do not spread the love that is your child’s illness with the world via the dessert table and the traditional family three-legged race.

This request is two-fold. One, I desperately do not want my kids, who themselves are walking Petri dishes, to bring home that bug. Because at our home, when one is sick, five are sick. I know how difficult it is to care for a sick child. The whining, the clinging, it seems to never end. 

Secondly, and most importantly, there is no way your child feels well. The coughing, hacking, and constant nose-blowing, wear those little buggers down. Has your child ever gifted you their sickness? I sadly have, many times and immediately feel more sympathetic to their previous requests and demands, as I now realize how awful they are feeling and would love nothing more than to be at home, cuddled up in my bed.

sick tired kid

So, please, pretty please, keep those sick kids at home. Let them wear their favorite Superman pajamas for the third straight day. Let them eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And above all, please, please let me help you. Let me cook your family dinner. Let me pick up some groceries. Let me lighten the load for you a bit, because I have a bad feeling, that you might not be feeling so swell in the near future, and NEED you to stay home.

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