20 Points on Why I Don’t Want You Wearing Shoes in My House

I feel like I’ve asked nicely and explained my position well, but a few family members and friends continue to wear their shoes in our home. I have stood up for myself and been polite. No, I’m not going to display a passive-aggressive sign in MY home reminding adults of my wishes; I am, however, going to list 20 reasons and points to support my wishes and send it to my loved ones as a friendly reminder. Jk, or am I??

Without further ado, here we go, 20 reasons I don’t want shoes worn in my house…

  1. It’s unsanitary.
  2. They can be physically dirty. Would you walk around your house with dirty bare feet or if you stepped in pet droppings? No.
  3. I spend the little free time I have cleaning our home for my family, and I don’t want to put more time into cleaning a home that was clean 10 minutes ago.
  4. My sweet little babe crawls around on the floor. She puts toys that roll around on the floor in her mouth. Despite the constant reminders to my 10-month-old to stop putting toys in her mouth, she doesn’t listen; go figure. 
  5. I asked you not to. We teach our children to listen to our directions and wishes. Can we respect each other and do the same?
  6. It brings in microscopic matter that contributes to dust build-up. I don’t need any more dust up in here, up in here.
  7. Here’s one for my medical friends – in 2008, microbiologist Charles Gerba conducted an experiment that showed “a presence of E. coli (known to cause intestinal and urinary tract infections, meningitis and diarrheal disease) and coliform bacteria on 96 percent of the outside of the shoes tested. This indicates frequent contact with fecal material, which most likely originates from floors in public restrooms or contact with animal fecal material outdoors.” Other bacteria collected from the shoes included “Klebsiella pneumonia, a common source of wound and bloodstream infections as well as pneumonia; and Serratia ficaria, a rare cause of infections in the respiratory tract and wounds.” GAG
  8. I completely understand that some people, for medical or comfort reasons, need or prefer to wear shoes in their homes. Hoooowever, this is my home, and maybe you could bring a pair of slippers with you to change into.
  9. Some may argue that the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that can be brought into a home via shoes are already present, but why add to that?
  10. I don’t want you to.
  11. Many allergens adhere to surfaces that shoes come in contact with and then can be brought into a home. It would be awesome if these allergens could hang out on the shoes…by the door.
  12. In my opinion, it’s not that difficult to remove your shoes. I’ll even help you put them back on upon your departure.
  13. I promise to respect your wishes when I visit your home.
  14. Here’s one to think about. In the height of COVID-19, did you take your shoes off after entering your home? Why? Because you could track bacteria or germs in your home. Let’s remember this.
  15. I am teaching my children that we do not wear our shoes in other people’s homes. When they see adults wearing shoes in our home, it is confusing for them, and they question why they are following this request when adults are not. 
  16. Piggybacking on my previous point, my children will probably call you out, and then I’ll have to apologize because I’m embarrassed because you aren’t listening, and then it’s awkward, and so let’s take our shoes off.
  17. Eww.
  18. Not so much a reason but something to think about. Walking barefoot can help improve circulation, sleep quality, and reduce inflammation, pain, and tenderness. See, I do love and care for you!
  19. Some really nasty, possibly endocrine-disrupting lawn chemicals can be brought into the home that should not come in contact with bare skin, i.e. my baby’s chubby knees, and hands.
  20. Last, but certainly not least. It’s my house; please respect my wishes!

Rant over; thank you for reading.

shoes in house

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