10 Fun Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

We all want to stay cool during these heat waves but don’t want to break the bank trying to do so. Here are a few of my family’s favorite cool-down activities. Give them a try and then let us know what you think!

  1. Water Balloons- There are a lot of activities you can do with water balloons some of our favorites include: water balloon fights, water balloon volleyball, water balloon battleship and water balloon tag. Stay cool and have fun!
  2. Community Splash Pads- We love to visit local splash pads and enjoy the cool water. Our top picks are Bicentennial In Grand Blanc and Blue Bell Beach in Flint, and Mid-Michigan Moms has a comprehensive list HERE!
  3. Car Wash- Pull out the hose, sponges, and a little soap and have the littles help clean the car while staying cool. 
  4. Swimming- Even if you don’t have a pool there are tons of beaches in Michigan. Use your recreation pass at one of the state parks and get in some beach time. Our family loves to go in the evening when it isn’t as busy and we are not baking in the mid-day sun. 
  5. Backyard Sprinkler and Slip-n- Slide- You can never go wrong with a basic sprinkler in the backyard. Our kids will make us so many different games while running back and forth. Some of their favorites are seeing if they can run under without getting rained on, pretending to play the harp, and who can jump the highest over the sprinkler. We have a basic slip-n-slide that we will hook up and the kids can go for hours running and sliding. A fun way to stay cool! 
  6. Water Tables or Water Activities in Trays- My toddler loves her water table and can play for hours with the cups, balls, and boats floating around. My older boys love playing with water beads and chipping away at chunks of ice filled with toys.
  7. Water guns, blasters, and soakers- Pick up a few water guns, blasters, and soakers. Fill 5-gallon buckets, place them around the yard, and have a water war. Our kids love to set this up right before dad gets home from work and ambush him as he gets out of the car. 
  8. Ice Cream and Popsicles- nothing beats a walk or drive down to the local ice cream shop or convenience store. You can also stock up on a few different types in the freezer at home to make your own ice cream shop. Also if your area has an ice cream truck that comes by, keep a little cash on hand.
  9. Fishing- You can never go wrong sitting on a dock with your feet in the cool water as you cast a line out to catch a fish.
  10. Mister- Our kids love to play in the back yard and we don’t always want to hook up anything so we use our hose and nozzle and create a mister. It’s just cool enough to take the edge off everyone in the heat and still stay dry. 

Tell us your Favorite ways to cool down and beat the summer heat! 


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