25 Amazon Summer Faves

Summer, it’s my parenting sweet spot.  From dirty feet, lake baths, bikes on their side in the driveway, to grilled dinners, missed bedtimes, and my favorite holiday it’s where I truly thrive as a mother.

summer faves from amazon

Here are 25 of my favorite Amazon go-to’s that make raising feral children + being a mom easier, and more fun, during the summer months in Michigan or wherever you summer travels take you:

  1. Supergoop! Play Everyday Sunscreen: I know what you think HOLY PRICE but as someone who has tried cheapies to seriously expensive sunblock this stuff works and lasts – not to mention is clean {made with ingredients that will not affect your child’s endocrine system nor does it leave a white cast or greasy film on your child or your boat/furniture!} We purchase the big pump and bring it with us alllll summer long! Trust me when I say you will even out on the initial expense come end of August.  PLUS mamas check out the Unseen and Glow Screen for your body + face, it’s magic and so is the LipScreen!
  2. Reusable Water Balloons: I will be the first to admit I hate water balloons, nothing sends me into a spiral like little pieces of plastic all over my lawn, or the hose running for hours, etc. etc. etc. Enter reusable splash balls.  Simply fill a bucket with water or use the pool and drop these in – they fill and magnet close. Then pop, throw, chuck in the air as high as possible and when you’re done at the end of the night they go neatly back in a mesh storage bag for another round of fun! 
  3. Quick Dry Beach/Boat Towels: These will change your life… feels like a flag at first but once you use a few time you will get use to it and never go back! These Dock & Bay thin, lightweight, quick dry towels are our go-to.  As a mom you can easily pack 5-6 of these towels in the space of 2 regular towels and their quick dry fabric makes it so after few minutes in the sun they’re ready to load back up without any dampness or musty smell!  We have in the extra large size and embroidered our last name on them to make pick-up easy at any summer gatherings or on trips!
  4. SCOUT Bag: I know everyone loves a bogg bag and the dupes but I can not deal with the heaviness on my shoulder or the holes in the bag and small items falling out.  Enter SCOUT bags. Lightweight yet strong these bags are made of a durable water-resistant tarp like material and stand on its own so you can pack and not worry about it tipping over.  Best part when you are done it folds flat for transport and easy storage!
  5. Mesh Shell/Rock Collecting Bag: Calling all stone hunters this is for you! My family took the advice of Jess in her Mid-Michigan Moms post on where and how to find the best Petoskey Stones and obsessed would be an understatement! Easy to wash, easy for little hands to open and close, this is a great set of bags for explorers to use {for any collections} they may gather this summer!
  6. Flying Insect Catcher: With all the children going in and out and in and out of my house during the summer doors are bound to be left open and enter BUGS.  This device simply plugs-in to your wall with a disposable sticky pad that you can swap out.  Great for fruit flys, gnats, mosquitos, and flies.  Don’t believe me check the pic from one day in May… GROSS!
  7. Full Face Snorkel: Do you kids want to snorkel? Do they always suck water up in their mouth or flip out because their goggles are leaking? This mask is for you, so easy even our two year old loves it.  This makes for fun in the pool or our crystal clear lakes in Michigan! 
  8. Silicone Goggle Case: I’ll preface we do not buy expensive goggles in our family because they were always getting lost BUT since purchasing these storage bags our return home rate has drastically improved.  Plus the drainage holes makes it easier to rinse after use and keep from getting scratched plus can be easily located inside our beach/pool bags!
  9. Welly Bandages: Summer.  That is the punch line.  Always injuries, always cuts, scrapes, etc.  These bandages are great for sensitive skin, do not leave the cheap residue, and come in fun prints that actually stay on children.  We just buy the refill pack off Amazon vs. spending money on the tins at Target then pop in cars, boats, baskets, sports bags, etc.
  10. Dive Gems: These keep my girls occupied for hours in our pool and are great also for water tables and sensory bins.
  11. Quality Life Jackets: These need no explanation but make sure your child is in one when they’re supposed to be and in a correct fitting one.  And remember no flotation device / colored swimsuit should ever replace adult supervision around water!
  12. Summer Journaling: These are not so much an amazon purchase and an idea I saw on instagram that we LOVE in our house… and then you could buy the items on Amazon/Dollar Store/Target if you choose to partake.  Basically you give each kid a journal to write in each day of summer, add stickers, pictures, drawings if they can’t write, and then the IG influencer (@jordan.and.co) who posted this adds a little label for them to look back on each year.  It’s awesome!
  13. Solar Buddies: I use to be team just pin your screaming kid down to put sunscreen on and then I was gifted a Solar Buddy.  Simply fill the storage unit with some pumps of your sunscreen {see #1} and sponge roll on to cover you child while they DONT freak out! They also like to reapply more often when I let them do parts themselves with the Solar Buddies
  14. Misting Portable Stroller/Personal Fan: Sports moms. Baby moms. Napping Child Moms. SWEATY MOMS – this is for you.  Simply wrap the bendable arms around posts/poles/handles or prop up in a tripod and this rechargeable fan will help keep anyone cool in the hottest of summer days!
  15. Waterproof Playing Cards: Summer in Michigan… EUCHRE! 
  16. Solo Stove: This is another splurge and not necessary for an easy or fun summer but I like to include it on my list as its an item we use frequently from driveway parties, to outdoor movies, and for s’mores on the deck (YES! You can place it on wood decks with the ring).  This smokeless fire pit is a game changer! 
    seascooter michigan
  17. Seascooter: File this item with #16 as a splurge not a necessity.  However we are going on year 5 with ours and I figure with all the hours spent utilzing our seascooter in the pool and the lake I have more than made up for the initial upfront cost and some.  These fun sea-scooters are rechargeable motorized devices that will pull kids + adults through the water.  Our kids love them (supervised) in our neighbors pool and on the lake to dive down explore or just simply pull them all around! In the summer there is basically a never ending list of “I got next” for lake visitors to check them out!
  18. Deli Baskets + Parchment Liners: File this under influenced.  Less mess than actual plates with less waste than paper plates.  Simply grab your deli basket, line, and fill with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, then compost or recycle or pitch the wax paper liner and put your deli basket back in the cupboard! VOILA less dishes in summer and you can get approximately ~250 meals for less than $10 total in product!
  19. Snackle Box: I love the concept of a Snackle Box but could never bring myself to actually put food inside a tackle box… enter a legit Snackle Box! The fact that the handles fold in flat make it perfect to store in a cooler at the beach or on a boat.
  20. Sand Removal Bag: It does exactly as it says – removes sand.  For me sand {and those pesky water balloons!} can send me into a very quick spiral so this is great to store in our beach bag and use before getting back in the vehicle so there is not sand in all the crevices – if you don’t want to spend $25 on a bag a bottle of baby powder will do the same, you will just have to use your hand or own towel to rub and remove! 
  21. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller: The only thing I truly HATE about summer in Michigan is the mosquitos and frankly there are only so many nights I feel like slathering myself in deet which is why I love our Thermacell Patio Shield. These devices create barriers against mosquitos using no spray or scent and can be placed anywhere outdoors with no fuel to monitor or replace.baby uv cooling blanket spf 50
  22. UV Cool Baby/Toddler Blanket: Perfect for boat rides or patio naps this lightweight, cool blanket blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays without roasting your child underneath or having to apply sunscreen. Confession we use this even as adults when taking a nice little dream cruise as a passenger on a boat! 
  23. kur Nail Illuminator: I love nothing more than a bright fresh mani during the summer but alas kids and budget dont always make that possible so enter Londontown kur.  This universally flattering color protects your nails from yellowing while adding a natural healthy brightness + illumination.  No UV light or soaking to remove and can be easily layered for a more polished look PLUS its a vegan free, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free nail product.
  24. Tax-Luxe The Face: This is another one of those WOW! you look so put together how do you do it while chasing wild children around hacks.  Simply drop a few of this illuminating self-tan drops in your daily face moisturizer to even skin tone and brighten up that summer glow!  
  25. JBL Clip Speaker: Music instantly enhances and improves the mood in our family so its a rarity that you catch us without a speaker and why we love the JBL Clip.  This small speaker packs a loud punch, can easily hang anywhere (golf cart, anyone?), is waterproof and lasts for 10 hours.  Clipped to our bikes, the boat, or laying in the driveway we are always jamming to summer tunes! PLUS JBLs have this awesome feature where you can sync up multiple devices for a “party” which makes hosting one a blast! 

Tell us what are some of your go-to items you use as a family or as a mom in summer? 
You can view more items from our list (including one full off Father’s Day ideas) here!


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