Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat While Pregnant

Alright, mommas. It’s no secret that sometimes pregnancy can downright suck, especially in the heat of summer. We are too gassy, too uncomfortable, too thirsty, and too hungry, but we are just too dang hot – looks and temperature-wise.


I’ve been pregnant during Michigan winter and summer, so I’ve experienced it all – the cold and the heat.

I wanted to share some tips with you that have really helped me beat the heat, at least during this summer pregnancy:

1. Let’s Spruce up your Bedroom!
    • Purchase a Fan: If you do not already have a ceiling fan or a standing fan, definitely invest in one to avoid the heat at night. Personally, a standing fan worked out best for me as I could set a timer and adjust the direction and speed of the fan.
    • Consider different bedding: If you are like me, you have the same bedding year-round. That means the same thick, heat-collecting comforter that keeps you warm during Michigan winters, turns around to get kicked off the bed during Michigan summers. You can always keep that ‘pregnancy’ comforter for guests that come or camping, so this will have multiple uses.
2. Time to do a Fit Check!
  • Support the Ta-Tas! Having a breathable bra during the summer is absolutely crucial, especially if you are out running errands, working in the office, or going on a walk. I have an unhealthy obsession with nursing bras from Auden. I blame Target, but they are only $10 and great for the heat!
  • Love your Feet: Finding a good shoe that would grow with my swelling feet was a mission for sure. I rocked my tennis shoes or found great sandals that could be adjusted with my swelling feet at Target and on Amazon.
  • Let’s join a Biker Gang! Just kidding, but have y’all heard of biker shorts? I am obsessed with maternity biker shorts. For this one, you might have to test the waters on the differing materials. There are cotton stretchy biker shorts that I love. There are also elastic Go-Dry moisture biker shorts that absorb more sweat and feel silky smooth. I never buy biker shorts at a regular price though. Keep a lookout at Old Navy’s site for random sales and you could buy shorts for $8 a piece!
  • This might really show my age….but I jumped on the crop top bandwagon. Now, before you say, I could never. I hear you. BUT, you will never have to worry about your belly being in the way with these crop tops. They are made with polyester and spandex, so they are VERY breathable and great for the summer heat. I wear these almost every day for walks and errands around town. in the heat
  • Speaking of walks, are you aware that you might be severely dehydrated?
    Did you know we are supposed to drink up to 100 ounces of water a day while pregnant? Oh, and add some ounces if you spend time outside in the heat, or work out. The thought of drinking that much water did freak me out at first and now I have no idea how I’ll go back down to the recommended 50 ish ounces of water after I give birth. This bottle tracker is really cute and kept me on my H2O game!
3: Working mommas, here you go!
  • Maternity Dresses/Maxi Dresses: Depending on your job, I would look into max dresses and/or maternity summer dresses. I was able to dress this up so professionally while being able to breathe. I could also sneak in a belly band underneath, so this outfit became very practical and comfortable. On the chance that you do need to wear pants, I would consider finding a cute and comfy blazer to throw on top of any outfit.
  • Last, but not least, have you heard of belly tape? During my first pregnancy, I used a belly band like crazy. I was also pregnant during Michigan winter. When I got pregnant a 2nd time during Michigan summer, that belly band became a sweat collector. I was not a fan of it in the heat! It was then that I found Spider Tape on TikTok. These are amazing at pelvic support and relief from your organs shifting into your ribcage, but they can get pretty expensive. I’ve tried regular athletic tape that you can find at Dunham’s or any athletic gear store and that works just as well without feeling like you have this giant belt around your belly. 

I would love to know your best hacks for handling the summer heat while pregnant!

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