Staying Calm While Pregnant During a Pandemic

I recently had a friend ask me if I was tired of being pregnant after I told her I was 30 weeks into the journey. To be honest, I had never thought about that before, but I have heard other women say that they were “over it” during their pregnancy. The answer for me is no. I’m not tired of being pregnant. I’m actually really happy. My baby girl is moving {maybe a little too much at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday}, growing, and getting stronger with every scoop of mac and cheese I eat.

pregnant, first babyBUT WAIT REBECA!!! There’s a pandemic going on right now that you should be worried about!! Why on Earth are you happy? True, hearing more and more reports of folks being diagnosed with the new coronavirus is scary. It really makes me sad seeing how this is impacting people’s livelihoods, our nation’s economy, etc. Everyone is taking preventative measures in order to keep the number of confirmed cases low and I totally understand and respect that.

In the wake of the chaos, I’ve found peace and I pray that you do as well. Here’s how:

  1. I wake up every day thankful that I am healthy. Yes, that could change in the future, but I am healthy NOW right here in the present. My baby girl reminds me every day that she’s healthy as well. I forget about the news article I read as my baby jumps around on my bladder.
  2. Rest. While I haven’t had any pregnancy complications so far {thankfully}, thinking about schools being shut down for a few weeks and folks working from home really puts REST into perspective for me. When is the last time we took a mental health day to rest? When was the last vacation we took that wasn’t a holiday for fun and relaxation? Now, before you say being stuck in a house all day with kids is the opposite of relaxing, when is the last time you made a DIY face mask with your daughter and painted each other’s toes? Or played video games with your sons without watching the clock?
  3. We are still connected with the outside world. I am originally from Mississippi where stocking up on supplies and hunkering down until a storm passes is the norm. It happens every hurricane season and every severe weather season. There are times when a storm hits and you run out of power and cell service for weeks to months. I had family and friends without power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria for more than six months. When everything in your fridge goes bad from no power and you lose cell service {first world problems I know}, it’s terrible. At least we aren’t dealing with last year’s polar vortex right now in Michigan while everyone stays home during this pandemic. What I am thankful for in this moment is that I still have electricity, heat, cable, and internet. I may not be able to physically check on friends right now, but I can easily send a text, call them, or send a funny meme to brighten their day.

So hang in there, reach out to your fellow mommas and be sure to take care of your own well-being too!