Twins: To Dress them Alike or Not?

It’s a blog I see way too often – “Should You Dress Your Twins Alike?” So, I bet you’re wondering why I’m writing ANOTHER blog about the subject. Because, I think for the most part, my take on the subject is different from the other blogs.

twinsHave I built enough suspense? Are you dying to know my thoughts? All right, here we go {drum roll please}…

WHO CARES?! The end. Okay, that’s not the end. But it is the TLDR version {Too long; Didn’t read}.

I haven’t always felt this way. In fact, when my twins, now three and a half, were babies, I listened to a podcast about the topic and even heard a twin recommend not to dress your twins alike – “they are individuals, after all!” So, I started worrying I was ruining my 6-month-old babies by dressing them in the same outfits. I also heard the unsolicited comment from a few people over the first couple of years – again, with the, they are individuals, after all. More guilt and worry; was I ruining my kids?

twinsAt some point, probably a year or so ago, I decided the whole topic was ridiculous and not worth worrying about. I don’t dress my twins alike every day, but for holidays or other gatherings and events, you can bet your sweet biscuits I do. IT’S JUST TOO CUTE. I know someday they will choose not to, and that will be fine. In fact, if they express a desire to wear something specific or different from their sister now, no problem!

But for the most part, my twins wear the same thing, and here are my top three reasons why:

  1. DECISION FATIGUE. Yes, I’m yelling. It’s one less decision. Moms make no less than one kajillion decisions a week and it’s exhausting. And here’s the thing, chances are if you don’t have two of the same outfit, they are going to fight over one outfit. So yes, other than some hand-me-downs from their big sister and their cousins, I have two of each outfit. If I can just pull the same outfits and my twins are good with it, Halleluiah! The first decision of the day is done, now on to making lunches…
  2. IT’S NOT RUINING ANYONE’S LIFE. Yes, my kids are individuals. Yes, they are different people. Dressing them alike doesn’t make that any less true. Just like it doesn’t make me just like the elderly lady I saw wearing the same shirt as me a few months back {also, yikes!) I mean, if my life wasn’t ruined by the terrible sweaters, mullets and bowl cuts I sported as a kid, I think my matching twins will be okay. Looking back I am slightly embarrassed, but most definitely not ruined. Speaking of when I was younger, I remember my parents dressing my cousin and I in matching outfits and we loved it. It’s a thing people do – twins or not.
  3. SAFETY. When we are out in public, specifically at the beach or a pool – it is so much easier to spot them if they are wearing the same outfit or bathing suit. In this case, my 7-year-old also wears the same suit so I can do a quick scan and “1-2-3” to quickly locate my kids. 

Being a mom is hard work. You have countless things to worry about, a never-ending to-do list and not enough sleep. Because even if your kids let you sleep {which mine typically don’t}, you lay awake half the night doubting recent decisions, contemplating future ones, and second-guessing pretty much everything. You do not need to stress out about something as ridiculous as the long-term effects because they won’t exist {in my humble opinion, which is based on no scientific evidence but a pretty good hunch} of your kids wearing matching outfits. So, take a deep breath, and dress your kids in those adorable matching outfits – or don’t! You do you!

Thanks for coming to my Twin Talk!