The New Yard Sale: Tips + Tricks for Using Online Selling Apps

I always thought making money by reselling was only accomplished by having a yard sale.
Lugging everything out of the house and putting tiny price stickers on everything can be exhausting.

This is why I’ve started selling online. No face-to-face interactions, money is exchanged online and you don’t have to leave your house…or put together a yard sale.

For the past couple of years, I have been buying and selling on an app called Mercari. It’s a reselling app that’s super easy to use and I’ve made over $2000 selling everything from unused candles, books, baby clothes and toys, old purses, home decor, craft items, kitchen items, and even nursing bras and old Spice Girls items! {Girl Power!}. 

online yard saleI find with this app, I’m making more money per item than I would by selling at a yard sale.

The money made goes into an account on the app that you can use to either repurchase items from others or deposit into a bank account. Very much unlike a yard sale, and something that really works for our family.

With two growing kids, I’ve purchased a lot of shoes and clothes and will then resell back onto the app when they’ve grown out of it.

I’ve even purchased dresses for myself for weddings I’ve attended and then resold after the fact. I even found a bridesmaids dress I needed that was half the price of buying it from a bridal store!

Here are some tips for making money on these selling apps:

• Take detailed, clear pictures. Buyers want to see what they’re buying without having to ask more questions. Post pics of any flaws as well, so it’s clearly seen to prevent any future issues.

•Make detailed descriptions of the items, much like the photos posted, buyers want the most details of what they are buying without having to ask a lot of questions.

• Sell in bundles. I’ve found that selling multiple items together gets more views and in turn more sales. Buyers want the most for their money. Sell by age group, for example.

• If you’re like me and want to just get rid of things and simplify, set a great price. Think of what you’d want to spend on the item and just go for it.

Your yard sale can happen all year round! So, go through those closets and basements and start selling. You’ll feel better about less clutter and items you don’t need, all while making money—it’s a win/win for everyone!