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Event Recap: GCMB Launch Party at the Blow Dry Bar


We you at our Launch Party on December 12th?! We had a fantastic evening, a wonderful turn out, amazing eats, and just so much fun learning about and experiencing all of the services offered by The Blow Dry Bar!


The Hair
Moms all over the country are raving about the Blowout, a hairstyle that last for three to five days. A no-fuss hairstyle that lasts close to a week? We don’t know about you, but the busy mamas here at GCMB we were ready to sign right up! Luckily, we discovered that there is a local salon in Fenton offering this unique service. We can’t thank the wonderful stylists at The Blow Dry Bar enough for treating each of our moms to one of their signature blowouts. Everyone looked amazing! Carrie Kramer {the owner}, and Jessica Clark {the salon manager}, stopped at nothing to make the evening so incredibly special for the GCMB Team and our guests!


The Massages
It’s not often that we mamas get a chance to sit down and relax.  There were some pretty Zen looking ladies at our party, which makes us oh so happy! We were treated to head massages by the salon’s wonderful massage therapist. We highly recommend booking an appointment! Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Pre Natal massages are all offered, and many of our guests made plans to return for another appointment. Hand massages were part of the evening as well! The Blow Dry Bar’s professional nail services include pedicures, manicures & CND Shellac. All services are performed with 100% natural soaks and scrubs, infused with essential oils.


Brow & Eye Makeup Envy
Can you say makeup?! Many of our moms opted to experience the The Blow Dry Bar’s professional eye makeup and waxing services. We’re not going to lie when we say that some of us had a little brow and eye makeup envy going on!


Good Eats
What is an amazing party without great food?! One of our local favorites, The Barn, provided some yummy bites for our guests to nosh on. There was literally not one single bite left of their signature flatbreads, nachos, pretzel bites or chicken wings. If you haven’t tried The Barn’s food before, do yourself a favor and make it your next date night spot! The General Manager, Jason Warda, is also known for giving back to the community at large. He recently provided Thanksgiving dinner to those in need, and is currently collecting bikes for children in foster care this holiday season. Please consider giving to this amazing cause!


Sweet treats were provided by Cupcakes & Kisses. Known for their unique cupcake creations and fabulous cinnamon rolls, this downtown Holly bakery is the perfect spot to stop in for a cup of coffee and a slice of freshly baked pie. Some of our moms love to take their kiddos after school for a cookie, brownie or one of their signature cupcakes! The bakery’s shop is full of local treasures as well, handcrafted by different Michigan artisans. If you haven’t been to Cupcakes and Kisses yet, put it on your list. Today!


Let’s Not Forget the Wine
Bubbly, sweet, and dry! Our moms were treated to a wine tasting featuring a lovely variety of wines from Wine Shop At Home. Emily, our Wine Consultant, offers in-home Wine Tastings, where guests can taste, learn about, and experience exclusive, artisan wine brands available nowhere else on earth.


Other Local Sponsors We Love
GCMB was thrilled to welcome these three amazing local businesses as well:

Megan Salvia of Northwestern Mutual
A local area mom, Megan helps clients build and execute a financial plan focused on achieving their most important goals and dreams at every stage of their lives. Megan is a Genesee County Mom on a mission to help educate local families about protecting their loved ones, and planning for their futures. We were so happy to have her join us for the evening!


Amber Rowen of Ruth Andrews – Amber Rowen Team IBN Realty.
This mother-daughter real estate team, offering 20+ years of combined experience in real estate and finance, provided our guests the opportunity win to a $75 gift certificate to the Heavenly Scent Herb Farm. Whether you are buying or selling residential or commercial property, this unique, family team will offer you a personal and professional real estate experience.

AMBPhotography & Design
Amber captured our evening in the most beautiful way! Her photos are simply stunning. She is an on-location children, family, senior and wedding photographer, serving mid-michigan and beyond. Check our her page for more information and to see her beautiful work!


The evening ended with a visit from our local news station, ABC 12 WJRT-TV. We were thrilled to talk about our lovely party, and share all of the wonderful things that GCMB has in store for the North Oakland and Genesee County communities!


Connecting moms with one another, and to amazing local businesses is what we are passionate about. We loved seeing this happen right before our eyes, as our team members and guests enjoyed their evening at The Blow Dry Bar! Thank you to those who joined us, and if you missed it we can’t wait to see YOU at GCMB’s next event!




The Pressure to Create The “Perfect” Christmas


“What would you like for Christmas little girl?”  As I’m listening to the answer my head starts spinning, how on earth are her poor parents going to make all those Christmas wishes come true.  As she steps down to get her candy cane, I overhear the parents say “I think we got all that, right?”.  Then it hits me: Is this what I have to look forward to?!

As moms I feel like the pressure is on us to make the holidays the best ever for our families.  Between Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram the most perfect holiday celebrations are everywhere you turn.  And what stands out to me, besides the adorable matching Christmas jammies (with no stains), are the fact that that those cute little kids seem to be getting every present they ever dreamed of. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really recall my favorite gift as a child. In fact, nothing stands out in my mind as my ‘best present ever’ or ‘the year I got exactly what I wanted’.  And yet, I don’t necessarily feel like that is a bad thing.  Instead, what sticks out for me is playing UNO up north until the wee hours of ‘morn, snowmobiling and sledding.  Just thinking about Christmas makes my mouth water for my Aunt’s sticky buns, and it really makes me wonder when my son grows up what is he going to look back on?  Am I going to need to buy everything on his Christmas “list” for him to of had a great childhood?

So here I find myself as a first time mom teetering on the edge of being known as:

  • The scrooge who wants very little gifts for her kid
  • The ungrateful mom who doesn’t understand that it makes others happy to spoil my son with gifts
  • Or still being what I think is a good mom, and decide to try and make my child’s holiday happiness revolve around activities, and not the Christmas list.

Given my son is just a little guy now, the concept of Santa isn’t as prevalent in our house yet. But in five to six years, this idea is probably going to be a bumpy ride. But I think I’m going to try and roll with a few gifts and hopefully if my ‘perfect holiday’ plans fall into place, he will be too busy outside building snow forts to even notice!

How did you deal with the pressure of granting your child’s Christmas wishes?  Do you have any tips on how to make the holidays more about memories than gifts, I’d love to hear them!

Give the Gift of Experience in and Around Genesee County


As Christmas draws near and the excitement grows to see what Santa will leave under the tree, I can’t help but think, “we are going to add more toys to this chaos!?”. I try to switch out toys or put things away that aren’t played with very often. But somehow, every night I find myself picking up the contents of the toy box even though my daughter spent most of the day playing in a box from Amazon. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all the gifts my daughter receives from people who love her.  She, of course, loves every single one!  And on Christmas morning, I can’t wait to see her excitement when she opens up her new doll and all the other exciting things Santa will bring her. 

Baby's First Christmas
First Christmas in 2015!

But the truth is, most of these things will lose their excitement and eventually end up in the bottom of the toy box. 

So if you ask me, the most valuable gift you could give, may not be something that is only played with every once in awhile. When the grandparents (or other family members or even yourself) ask “What do the kids want for Christmas?”, you might consider something that will last a lot longer than the hottest new toy.

The gift of experience. The gift of family memories. A gift that teaches them a new skill or helps them learn. What could be more valuable than that? And bonus – you won’t have to find a spot to put it. 

Evelyn Christmas 2016

I value these experiences and the time spent together making fun memories so much more than all of the “stuff”. I’d be so grateful to receive these gifts for my family or my daughter because often times during the year, these things may not fit into our budget. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to experience so many things. So during this time of year, when many people are eager to spend money on the “best gift ever”, consider this gift of experience. Consider the impact it could make on a young child and the fond memories you will make as a family!

Give the Gift of Experience In and Around Genesee County

Annual Memberships 

Flint Children’s Museum Membership – The family membership includes unlimited free admission and free or reduced admission to hundreds of other great museums. Several in Michigan!

Sloan Longway Membership – The family membership includes admission to Sloan Museum, Buick Automotive Gallery, and Longway Planetarium, along with many other benefits!

Zoo Membership or Gift Certificates – Check out Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square in Saginaw or The Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak.



Grand Blanc Gymnastics Company – Classes available for even the littlest crawlers!

Sew Sassy – Sewing classes available for ages 8 & up and. Located in Grand Blanc. 

Dance Classes – There are so many dance studios in the area! Terry Matlock Dance has studios in Grand Blanc and Flint. Children as young as 2 can be enrolled!

A Joyful Noise Music Studio – Private and group music lessons are available for all ages! Located in Fenton.


Events and Activities

The Whiting – Several great shows are coming to Flint next year, such as Cinderella the Musical! There are even shows for the little theater lovers ages 3 and up at the Flint Youth Theatre

Fox Theatre  – Sesame Street Live, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live, and Annie are among some of the family-friendly shows coming next year to this Detroit Theatre!

Fort Clarkston – Gift cards and monthly memberships are available to purchase. Located in Clarkston. 

SEALife Aquarium and LEGOLAND Discovery Center– Located at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. You can purchase Gift Tickets that can be used anytime within 6 months of purchase! 


I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday filled with love, joy, and togetherness! Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Family Christmas Photo 2016

Do you have other ideas I should add to the list? Let me know below!

Meet Rochelle, a New Genesee County Mom

Hi, I’m Rochelle, a new Genesee County mom! I am not a new mom but it does seem that motherhood brings me something new each day so I am definitely still learning along the way. As soon as I think to myself, okay I got this, I am shoved back into the reality that bigger kids are still a ton of work like babies- just with more driving! I am so passionate about connecting with other moms.

If there’s one thing that I have learned through the years it’s that motherhood is not a competition and it is so much more fun with friends! None of us really know what we are doing so creating a support system and lifting one another up is essential in my book. 



I spent the first half my childhood growing up in Waterford and then moved to Clarkston where I finished school. After graduation, I started college at U of M-Flint but was surprised with a pregnancy after a year in. I was 20 when I had my first daughter, Juliana. Looking back now I was so young and naive but she blessed me in ways that I can never put into words {these precious miracles do that to us, amiright?}. When she was a few months old I met my husband, Rob, and even though neither of us were looking for a relationship, God had other plans. I moved to Macomb where we spent the next 10 years. Rob and I were married in 2006 and I gained 3 wonderful bonus children: RJ, who is now 21 and in the Marines and Katie and Kayla, who are now beautiful 15 year old young ladies. That same year we welcomed our first daughter together, Brooklyn. And if things weren’t crazy enough we added another daughter in 2009, Macie. So yes you counted that right, 5 girls and a boy {insert hug for my poor husband}.


So you must be wondering how I ended up back in Genesee County?! Well, because of a lot of hard work, communication, and trust we moved to Clio to be closer to my daughter’s biological father and his family {take a breath, I know it’s crazy!}.

We started off small by having joint birthday parties and built a great foundation for a wonderful co-parenting relationship. As she grew so did her social calendar and it just made sense to live closer {an hour and a half drive on a Friday evening in Metro Detroit is NOT fun}. So August of 2015 we packed up and bought a house in what we call the country. It has been a bit of an adjustment for this city gal but watching my girls thrive this past year has absolutely made me realize that we made the best decision for our family. I have witnessed my oldest daughter relax so much, not worrying about missing activities for either of her families and letting go of that guilt that a child with a split family can carry. I know this scenario is not for everyone but it surely feels right for us.

Ringing in 2016 together!

After a year of living “up north” I feel that we are finally getting settled in and I am really excited to explore more of Genesee County. I love fashion so I’m always trying to find new boutiques and support local businesses. And I am frequently on the hunt for a good date night restaurant.

I can’t wait to share my experiences with YOU! If you have any suggestions for a new mama in the area feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you! 


10 Tips for Photographing Your Baby

I am not suggesting that you forego a professional photo shoot for your newborn.  However, many of us have decent cameras or smartphones readily available.  They only stay little for so long, so you’ll probably be photographing your baby more often than not.  

Here are some tips to get you started: including manual setting examples for those making the leap from “Auto”:

Wait for baby to fall asleep
Newborns spend the majority of their day sleeping, so take advantage.  You’ve probably noticed that they cycle through emotions in their sleep.  Have your camera ready to snap at that perfect “smiling” moment!

Smiling in her sleep
100mm f/2 1/160 ISO 800

Use a pacifier
If your baby is calmed by pacifiers, try using one up until you’re ready to snap the photo.  First be sure baby’s in position, then quickly remove the paci.  You’ll probably get a few funny-looking-mouth shots before the keeper, but it’s totally worth it.

Cover posing aids with a blanket
We got a lot of baby blankets as gifts for our daughter.  They’re so cute, and I feel guilty hiding them in the closet, as they can’t be in her crib.  Then I discovered that they make perfect backdrops for different photoshoots — and help disguise pillows, Boppys, Bumbos, portable high chairs, or any other posing aids you might use to prop your newborn up-right!

Put month stickers on a prop
I’m not sure how anyone photographs babies with those cute monthly age stickers on their shirt.  My kid immediately tugs it right off!  If you’re having the same issue, but really want to use the sticker, simply place it on one of your props – or the background.  

Blanket background / Month sticker
30mm f/2.8 1/125 ISO 640

Use a high enough ISO for a fast shutter speed
This tip is for photographers who are using a camera with manual settings.  The ISO setting refers to how sensitive the camera’s sensor is to light.  The trade-off is that your images will be grainier the higher the ISO setting.  However, you need to use an ISO that is high enough to allow you to use a shutter speed fast enough to prevent blur (from camera shake – or a squirmy baby!).  The general rule for camera shake is 1 over the lens length – 1/50th of a second for a 50mm prime lens, for example.  I would at least double that (1/100) to account for baby’s movements.

Seek out natural light
If you’re the fully-auto type (I’m looking at you iPhone photographers!), I may have lost you on that last tip. All you really need to know is that the more light, the easier it will be to get a sharp image.  Use a room with great window light, or if the Michigan weather is cooperating, head outside.  Just be sure you’re not in direct sunlight (shade works great), or else your baby’s eyes will be shadowed.  

Switch to Tummy Time
Make funny faces.  Sing your child’s favorite songs.  Still, sometimes baby won’t smile because of the awkwardness of being propped up.  I found that simply flipping my daughter on to her tummy would (usually) provoke a playful expression!

Tummy Time
30mm f/4 1/200 ISO 160

Try again later
If your baby starts full-on crying, take a break.  Leave your background/props in place, and try again after a meal and/or nap.  Repeat as many times as necessary to get that ideal expression.  I recommend reviewing your images in between sessions, because it can be so stressful in the moment that you don’t realize you already have some good shots!

Get in close
Those little hands and feet will never look so adorably tiny again.  So be sure to get a handful of detail shots – they work great in collages.

50mm f/2.8 1/60 ISO 800

Convert to black-and-white
Sometimes color distracts from the essence of an image.  Conversely, black-and-white emphasizes shape and texture, and just feels timeless.  But please, please do not use selective color.  Coloring a single part of an image is just tacky!

Black and white
100mm f/2 1/200 ISO 800

Lastly, remember to make archival prints.  No matter how great your images turn out, no matter how many back-up methods you use, future generations may not be able to read your digital file format.  

I hope you have fun filling up your baby photo albums!

Meet Stephanie, A Fenton Area Mom

Hello, I’m Stephanie! I’m a working, Fenton mom of one wild little boy named Knox, an equally as naughty dog named Zoey, and wife to a handsome guy named Tim. I was born and raised in Genesee County, and am so excited to be part of GCMB!



I love everything about living in Michigan, and I stand by my theory that if you don’t like it in The Mitten, it’s because you don’t like being outdoors.  I consider myself an all seasons girl – I love spending time on the lakes in the summer, love fall football games and the orchard, playing in the snow all winter long, and the beautiful flowers that come with spring.  I am so thankful my husband and I landed in the Fenton area to raise our family.  Our towns have everything we really enjoy about Michigan, are close to both of our jobs, and have easy access to our family!



Besides being outdoors, I also really enjoy my job, Michigan State athletics (Go Green!), spending time with my family, trolling instagram, Target, being up north, Bravo shows, planning events, dabbling in hand-lettering, and finding new fun things to-do!

A few of my most favorite area activities include:


Downtown Fenton: This place should really be called the city of festivals, as there is always something going on.  The Fenton Freedom Festival over the 4th of July is awesome, complete with a parade and fireworks visible from about anywhere in town.  In the fall, if your looking for a great apple pie, carnival rides for the kiddos, 5k/10k, and a night out, there is the St. John’s Applefest.  All of these events are followed up with Jingle Fest in December, where everyone can get a picture with Santa!

Back to the Bricks: Having grown up in a family that loves cars, this is one of my favorite events of summer.  From the tune-up parties all throughout Genesee County, to the rolling cruise down Saginaw Street, and drive-in movie, there is something for every age. 

Spicer Orchards: We started this fall tradition when my sister suggested we go pick apples when my son was born and I love that it’s just a short trip down the freeway to delicious cider, donuts, farm animals, hayrides, and picking out the perfect pumpkin.


Lastly, not a specific activity but definitely a family favorite – Uncle Rays Dairyland: My husband is a huge ice cream “connoisseur” so we frequent this place often.  Their homemade ice cream and fro-yo comes in any flavor you could image, they even have giant splits and specialty ice-cream cakes for parties.  We recommend the peanut-butter fro-yo, a key-lime shake, and Zoey’s personal fave the doggy sundae complete with a milk-bone!

We truly love living in the southern lakes area of Genesee County and enjoy all that our two towns have to offer. I can’t wait to share and connect more with you here on GCMB!

Family Fun Destinations in Genesee County


I am so excited that I have the opportunity to be one of the founding contributors to the Genesee County Moms Blog! I want to use my first post as an introduction of myself, so that you can get a little insight as to who I am and some of the content that you will probably see from my articles in the future!

My name is Nicole Cummings, I am a thirty-something mom and wife. I am recently married (just over 3 months!) to a man that I can truly say is my best friend. Zach and I met 20 years ago in high school, we stayed friends while I was in college and did not actually begin dating until 10 years ago. We have an amazing daughter that will be 7 in December and are not so patiently waiting for the arrival of our son any day now.  I am currently working in an after-school program as a Youth Facilitator, but will be taking some time off after the baby is born. My husband is an Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver, who has been lucky enough for almost a year to be on a routes that allows him to be home every weekend and sometimes for a night in the middle of the week.


The Area I grew up in has a ton of awesome things to see and do!

I have lived in Genesee County my whole life (except four years of college). I grew up in Davison and now live in Burton. For a long time I wanted to move out of state to a place that had more activity and less snow! Now, I am discovering a whole new side to this area and tolerating the weather a bit more.

Having Miss A was the key to this discovery. We have found places to go and things to do that I probably would have overlooked without her. I want to share some of my favorite places with other moms:

Applewood Estates the home of the late C.S. and Ruth Mott is comprised of a mansion and expansive grounds with beautiful gardens. It is  located downtown Flint in the Cultural District. They are open to the public free of charge on select days through out the year. The events are for families and are always full of fun. If you don’t like big crowds of people they are open at other times just to walk the beautiful grounds. This past year the estate had it’s 100th birthday, my parents and I took Miss A to celebrate.



Sloan Museum is probably the family’s favorite place. We love it so much that we have bought  annual memberships the last two years. The membership includes Longway Planetarium and The Buick Gallery as well (and discounts to many other museums around the country). Sloan has several exhibits through out the year, events and even classes. Most of the exhibits are geared towards kids, but they have something interesting for all ages. In the picture to the right, Miss A is listening to how Curious George became a beloved children’s book series during the Curious George Exhibit in 2014. Coming in January is the Titanic exhibit and I can’t wait!


For-Mar Nature Preserve is a great place to experience all kinds of wildlife. There are nature trails along ponds and even a newly built tree house. The park is open all year and has events inside  as well as outside. You can even borrow snowshoes for an outdoor trek with the family. Entrance to the park, walking the trails and even snowshoeing is FREE. Other activities have varying costs.

Welcome to Genesee County Moms Blog! I hope that you find what my co-contributors and myself write about to be inspirational and helpful in your journey through motherhood!

Where are YOUR favorite places to visit in the area with your family?

9 Places to Volunteer in Genesee County This Christmas

Image result for we get a life by what we get

The holiday season is a great time to celebrate longstanding traditions and to create some new ones, like volunteering.  Make volunteering one of your new family traditions.  Giving your time, talent, and treasure during the month of December can add holiday cheer to your family and benefit your community. I’ve put together a list of nine local charities that could really use your help this season. Click on the links for more information about each agency.


Maybe your children would like to use their allowance to purchase items for a child or family in need.   The first three organizations would fit the bill:

1. Old Newsboys provides Christmas boxes to needy children across Genesee County.   Each box contains clothing, hygiene products, and an age appropriate toy. 

2. Motherly Intercession  gives Christmas gifts to the children of incarcerated parents. These gifts include dolls, trains, and bikes.  

3. Shelter of Flint houses homeless families throughout the year. Many of these families need baby items like diapers, wipes, etc. as well as blankets and linens.

Looking for a service project for your family.  Here are two agencies that would welcome your assistance:

Image result for no act of kindness no matter how small

4. Catholic Charities –The Soup Kitchens can use a helping hand to serve food to the less fortunate in our community who rely on the Soup Kitchens for their meals. 

5. Whaley’s Children Center provides homes for abused and neglected children.  Each year, Whaley looks for holiday help to wrap gifts for the children.

Interested in beginning a long-term volunteer relationship.  The next two agencies are looking for you:

6. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches children in need with a caring adult to help guide them through childhood and adolescence.

7. Ele’s Place provides grief support to children who have lost a loved one.

The Flint Water Crisis remains ongoing. Here are two organizations that are meeting the needs of local residents:

8 & 9.  Contact the American Red Cross or  Convoy of Hope to make donations. The funds are used to purchase water filters and bottled water.

Where do YOU volunteer within the community? Please add to my list!

Welcome to Genesee County Moms Blog!


Hello Mamas, welcome to Genesee County Moms Blog! We are Elizabeth & Courtney, the Owners and Co-Founders. We are so excited to bring this amazing resource to the North Oakland and Genesee County areas!


Since the launch of Detroit Moms Blog in May of 2014, it has been a dream and a vision to expand into other areas surrounding Detroit, to bring moms a resource that connects them to other moms and makes them feel a part of something much bigger, and to expand upon the wonderful community and network of moms, friends, parents and businesses that make the community truly what it is. With the help of Courtney, a member of the DMB Executive Team, that dream and vision became a reality as Genesee County Moms Blog was brought to life!

We know first-hand how amazingly rewarding, yet wonderfully challenging Mom Life can be! Between the two of us we have SIX children, ranging in age from 1 to 16. We are wading through and navigating the ever-changing and challenging waters of parenting, just like you. Let’s support one another along the way!

Between our original content and local events, Genesee County Moms Blog will cover everything from cloth diapering to college funding, and anything that enriches, enhances and makes our Mom Lives easier in between! We want moms to know what’s happening in the community and to feel connected to the local businesses that make it thrive. Genesee County offers an abundance of activities for families and we want to make sure you know about them first hand. We are passionate about engaging with our readers online and offline, and supporting one another:

  • We have a team of twelve Contributors from all over the the North Oakland and Genesee County areas, just waiting to connect and share their Motherhood journeys with you! All of these women share different views on parenting and motherhood, and have some amazing perspectives to share with you, our readers! 
  • Through our exciting events, we will connect moms to each other, and to great local businesses! Our Launch Party, offering moms a night just for themselves {such a rarity!} at a wonderful, unique local venue, sold out within days. To those attending – we can’t wait to see you there! After the holiday rush is over, we are so excited to get to work on our spring event, Bloom! It’s a wonderful event for new and expecting moms that takes place across the country, along with our 65+ sister sites. Last year’s Bloom was simply amazing! We can’t wait to bring it to Genesee County!


We realize how isolating motherhood can feel at times, and with a little GCMB in your lives we hope that you always feel connected to other moms or moms-to-be! We want you to have a place to go when you’re struggling, to feel comfortable reaching out and asking for advice. GCMB is a place to meet your future mom friends for life, where you can be yourself without worrying about the backlash or mom-shaming that at times overwhelms us! We’re here to encourage you, and let you know you’re doing an amazing job as mother regardless of the type of parenting style you have! Our GCMB community is here to uplift you and remind you that motherhood isn’t always pretty. Frankly, it’s a beautiful and chaotic mess {at times}, but we wouldn’t trade our Mom Lives for anything! 

We asked our Team to fill in this blank: Motherhood is ________________________.

There are so many words that could be used to complete that sentence! Here is what we came up with:

  • Overwhelming yet simply gratifying!
  • A roller-coaster…..but you’ll survive.
  • Everything I dreamed it would be.
  • The only job that is the most difficult yet makes my heart explode
  • Loving unconditionally.
  • A learning experience.
  • Not for sissies!
  • Challenging.
  • Rewarding.
  • Full of ups and downs but worth every minute! Mom life is really the best life!
  • Two words: exhausting and joyful.
  • Humbling.
  • A wonderful, exhausting, joyful, crazy ride!

Fill in the blank with us: what does Motherhood mean to you? We can’t wait to hear your answers, and to share this incredible parenting journey with you through our Genesee County Moms Blog resource and community!









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