Parenting Hot Topic: The Position of President

Here we are. Four years later and it’s time for another presidential election.

presidential electionSome things have remained the same in those four years since the last election. There’s still turmoil among the Democrats and Republicans. There are still wars raging and we are still dealing with Covid.

However, one major thing has changed, at least in my life. My kids have gotten older. During the last presidential election my little ones were just 5 and 2 years-old. They barely new what a president was let alone what he did or who they were.

This time around, they are 9 and 6 and they are fully aware. They are asking questions and wanting to know about the candidates and the election process.

As a parent, my goal is to teach them about democracy and our American history. My goal is also to let them develop who they are meant to be, even if that sometimes differs from my thoughts and beliefs.

When it comes to the president (and for that matter political parties), I want them to understand one thing: while you might not always respect the person in the role, you respect the position.

“Teaching my kids to respect the position of president but not necessarily the candidates.”


Well, here are my reasons:

  • The president (and their family) essentially put their lives on hold for 4 or 8 years to try and help the country. Imagine uprooting your family for that length of time to a new city, a new job, and a new house.
  • They will never appease everyone. Someone will always disagree with them. Just like we can never make everyone happy ourselves. Unfortunately, because of this, threats on their life are a constant hazard of the job.
  • Lives are literally in their hands. As the commander-in-chief, they are responsible for the safety of our many military men and women.
  • They are constantly under scrutiny. From their choices of running mate to even the clothes they wear, every detail of their lives is picked apart.
  • The pressure of the job is enormous. While it may seem fun for a little while, being in charge of one of the greatest nations in the world takes its toll, both mentally and physically. Just look at the photos of former presidents on their first and last day on the job and see how much they have aged.
  • It’s an honor to have a president. Nearly 250 years ago, our forefathers fought for this right. Many believed it in so strongly that they gave their lives for it. Respecting the position of president and the government they helped create is the best way to honor their memory and legacy.
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Sarah was born and raised in the Motor City but has called Mid-Michigan home now for over a decade. She worked as a television news reporter covering everything from breaking news, investigative stories, sports, and lifestyle but has stepped back from the industry to be a stay-at-home mom for her two kids. In between swim classes and t-ball practice, Sarah enjoys running and bowling (she is a former state champion). She also has her own blog, The TV Mommy - @SarahJaegerTV or @TheTVMommy - and owns her own video production business, April Lane Productions.


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