The Star From Afar – Our Family’s Christmas Tradition

Every family has different traditions around the holiday, and each family celebrates in their own way. This is how we celebrate, and one of our favorite parts of the season – The Star From Afar family activity.

About five years back we found an activity book set called “The Star From Afarfrom our local bookstore. It has now become a highlight of our kids’ day during the Christmas season. The best part is that it’s low prep and high in enjoyment. 

Star From AfarThe Star From Afar Set
The set includes a Book called “The Star from Afar” that talks about the Christmas star. The book also includes details on how to play the game and a daily scripture to read with it. Also included in the set is a Nativity display to put up and display in your home. Each home is different, but this game is perfect for what we believe and celebrate as a family!

How to Play Star From Afar
Every day the star is hidden within your home. The kids then look for the star as they go about their day. When they find the star they get to move their piece {a wise-
man, shepherd, or angel} to the star. Before going to bed we check who has left to find the star and then give them some help. We finish the evening by reading the scripture. Check out some of our fun hiding places!


How do you celebrate the season? What are your traditions?