Michigan Egg Hunt

Remember our social distanced egg hunt in 2020?! Well, it’s back! We realize the circumstances have improved, quite a bit actually, since Easter of 2020 but still not that same as our favorite family and community wide egg hunts we had back in the good ol’ days of 2019! So like we said, we’re back for round two, and just like then our egg hunt works best if lots of neighbors (young and old) participate. So, spread the word in Michigan, and let’s make the 2nd Pandemic #MichiganEggHunt happen! 

michigan easter egg huntHow It Works

  • Download and print your favorite eggs from our #MichiganEggHunt Coloring Pages {<- click there}
  • Decorate your favorite egg(s) anyway that you want, we’ve got 25 options for all ages!
  • Display your egg(s) in your windows! Easter is quite early this year on Friday, April 4th so we’re thinking we might as well keep those pretties up all month long!

Michigan Egg Hunt:: March 18th – April 30th

Go on an egg hunt with your family (or by yourself 😊) to see how many eggs you can find! *Don’t forget* to take a picture of the beautiful eggs you find and share on social media using the hashtag #MichiganEggHunt and be sure to tag us at @midmichiganmoms! Let’s see how many areas of Michigan get represented and have some fun for our second pandemic Easter!


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