Making the Most of your Small Camper Space

Making the most of your small camper space…can you relate?

You’ve heard the term “everything but the kitchen sink”? Well, that’s how I pack for a trip.

My husband likes to use the term “we roll heavy” and now even has my son repeating the phrase.

From clothing to food, I like to be prepared for anything that happens during our trips. This is especially true when camping.

camperWe recently returned from our most recent camping trip {with our camper} to the west side of the state. And, in true Michigan fashion, the weather was unpredictable. I packed everything from swimsuits and raincoats to gloves and hats and we used just about all of it.

camperHowever, packing all that “stuff” into our little pop-up camper can be a challenge.

Luckily, I’ve found a few tried and true storage hacks to make the most out of your tiny camper space:

1. Mesh Laundry Bags 

Nothing is worse than stinky camping laundry! So where do you keep it? I’ve tried numerous options and found what worked best for our family is a foldable mesh laundry bag. It can collapse and store easily when not being used. Plus it can hold a lot while not holding in the smell.

2. Shelving Unit

We have an unconventional camping companion on our trips, our tortoise, Mortimer. The problem is that Mortie’s tank takes up a lot of counter space. Thus, we came up with this solution. Mortie has his space and we can use the top shelves for storing our duffel bags of clothes. Toiletry bags can also be hung from the shelving unit.


3. Collapsible Bin

This was an awesome Christmas gift from my in-laws. It can be used for so many things but I found the best use for us is storing shoes. That way we are not constantly tripping over flip flops, water shoes, rain boots, etcetera in the camper.



4. Stacking Storage Bins

These are an awesome dollar store find and can be used in so many ways. I purchased four, one for each member of our family, and keep them by the sink. It offers an easy and quick way for everyone to store their toothbrush, medicines, and any other toiletries for the camper trip. camper

5. Storage Tower

During our most recent camping trip, we discovered our ceiling vent leaks. The leak happened to be right over where I had all our dried foods.


The good news was it happened on our last day of camping so I didn’t lose too much food. Even though my husband fixed the leak, I wanted to find a better way to store our dry goods. Entered the handy storage tower. This allows me to not only keep food dry but sort and pack food prior to our trip more efficiently.

Are you a camper?
Share your best tips + tricks with me, and we’ll add them to this list!

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