So You Want to Ski? Check Out These Local Programs

Recently, we met some friends out on the ski hill for an after-school evening on the slopes. We had so much fun. My cheeks hurt from all of the laughing and smiling I did. It reminded me that the best way to beat the winter blues is to embrace all of the activities that you can only do during that season!

skiI promise you, it will make your entire outlook change. You will be sad to see the snow go!

Skiing is one of our favorite ways to spend a winter day outdoors as a family. It is not the most inexpensive extracurricular activity, but I have learned a few tips to make the cost more manageable.

It seems like the best way to learn about these ski programs is through word of mouth. So today, I am going to spill the tea so that you are ready to get your family out there at the first sign of fresh powder!

skiCold is Cool Passport:

This is a ski program that encourages 4th and 5th graders to learn to ski. This program has an initial cost of $25. With these costs, you allowed a couple of free lift tickets with a paid adult at participating ski hills in Michigan {think buy one get one free}. We have loved this program for a couple of reasons. In addition to making skiing more affordable, it has also encouraged us to travel around the state to different mountains. We have been able to take some day trips and long weekends to really enjoy all that Michigan has to offer in the winter months. 

Discover Ski Michigan:

This ski program is only around in January, but there are no upfront costs and it works for ages 7 and up. The cost to use this program is $35. With this cost, you get a ski rental, a lesson, and a lift ticket for the day. You cannot beat this price! It is a great way to give the sport a try to see if you or your kids are interested in investing more time or money. This program does require you to plan ahead though. Ski hills only allow a certain number of these to be redeemed each week. You should pick a date in January, and call ahead to secure your spot. 

Ski Club:

Ski clubs are typically accessed through local school districts or community education programs. There is an upfront cost to the pass {usually around $25}, but then you get a discounted price on lift tickets and rentals throughout the season. Most ski clubs require you to take lessons. There are usually a couple of lessons included. Your child will level up as they learn new skills. I highly recommend taking lessons from a ski professional, regardless if you use this program or not.  

skiSeasonal Rentals:

If you do not own your own ski equipment, rentals are another cost to consider. Many ski shops off a seasonal youth rental program. In the fall, you take your children in to get fitted for equipment. They hook you up with all of the equipment necessary. You use it all season and return it in the Spring. I’m sure the costs for this program vary, but we paid $99 for our rental. It would have cost us that to rent equipment three times. 

I hope this has encouraged you to give this winter sport a try. And if learning to ski isn’t your thing, let your kids give it a shot while you enjoy the apres-ski activities. 

ski hill

Boujee hot chocolate by the fire anyone?

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