The ONLY Piece of Advice You’ll Need as a New Mother

“I’m pregnant!” The phrase that is the green light for others to begin giving you things: congratulations, hand me downs, gifts for baby and ugh…..advice. You will get so much advice – wanted and otherwise – that you will get overwhelmed.  

I could give you thousands of tips on what to do and what not to do while adjusting to motherhood, but I think that you would appreciate me just sharing one piece of advice. It is pretty simple and saved me a lot of stress with my first year as a new mom! The best advice I can give new mamas: Do what works best.

Friends and family both with experience and without, flooded me with advice to the point that I knew I had to figure out the best way to cope before I just locked myself up for the next year and a half. Don’t get me wrong; I can handle constructive criticism, but I prefer to try things my way. So, I learned how to thank others politely for their two cents and then do it my way. When my daughter was just a few weeks old, I was already comfortable with her sleeping in her own room (it helped that our house was super tiny and she was only about twenty steps away in any direction from me). I had to figure out the best way to get her to sleep at night, I had received advice and read about different ways to start bedtime routines. I tried to rock her, lay her in the crib, and walk out the door. This resulted in several wake-ups until I gave up. I tried a few other things, a week went by and nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to combine a few of the ideas, that night my 6 week old slept for 8 straight hours! I was ecstatic and that was when I knew I was going to survive motherhood.

new mom

It is important to remember babies are unique creatures and no two are alike. What worked for Aunt Sally with her second child in 1975 may not work for your first child in 2017. Try what she suggested with an open mind, possibly use it with a strategy from someone else, and voila! You now have your own technique that works for your little one. You too will hit a point hopefully sooner than later in the first year where you will realize that you will make it. You are a strong mom! 

What is the ONE piece of advice that you would give new moms?