My Little Girl Is Growing Up, And I’m Not Ready

I stare at my little girl intently as she combs through her long dark locks in front of the mirror. I swear she was just a baby with only a little fine hair yesterday. Now her plump cheeks are being replaced by a defined bone structure that makes her look like a mature tween, not that little girl that used to run and bounce around the living room anytime music was played. My adorable chubby baby is now shaping out to be a beautiful young lady. 

Where has the time gone??
Lately, this question frequents my mind on what feels like a weekly basis. I know how it works. We all grow up. The days turn into weeks, that turn into months, that turn into years. It makes sense logically. But emotionally?? THAT is something hard to deal with {amiright?!}. When I look back at the years with my oldest daughter, it is a blur of memories. Her birthdays flash through my brain like a slideshow and just as my eyes glisten at the images I think to myself, I’m not ready for my little girl to grow up.

I can’t be alone on this…
Help me out fellow mama’s!! I am not ready for makeup or back talking or out of control hormones! I’m not ready for driving, Homecoming or Prom, or the oh-so dreadful heartaches from boys. I am not ready to let my little girl go in this big crazy world we live in!

But you know what? We will get there. Together.
Just like we navigated through the newborn stage, bonding at every midnight feeding. Just as she tried me as a toddler when we were learning to communicate together. Just like I helped her learn her numbers, letters, and how to read when starting school. Just as I’ve helped her through friendships, body changes, and finding her talents as she grows. And guess what? We’ve made it so far and YOU will too!

Every time I start to think about how I’m not ready for the next stage of her life, I realize that I was never ready for any stage.  Are any of us ready for what parenthood brings? There are so many different seasons of parenting and thinking about the future can be very overwhelming. But I am certain that I have felt these feelings before and I am even more certain that I will feel this way again and again. 

little girlI’m nervous and excited to see what the future holds. I’m also scared but I’m willing to trust myself, and my daughter, that we will get through the next phase together. Because really what is the point in worrying about the future, when we have the present to experience and cherish?! That’s what I need to hold onto right now. That’s what YOU should hold onto.

Live in this moment. Make memories. And hold tight. It’s a beautiful journey we’re on whether we’re ready or not. 


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