Go To Bed! 3 Easy Tips To Make Bedtime Bearable

Putting my kids to bed has always been a struggle in our house. I know I’m not alone in making this statement.

From tantrums to wining and overly exhausted kids, the time to quiet down and rest can turn into the biggest battle of the day.

I lucked out when my kids were little. I worked in TV news which has crazy hours. Most days I would never make it home until after they were in bed, leaving my husband in charge of the bedtime routines.

However, once I became a stay-at-home mom, the putting them to bed routine fell to me. At first, I cherished it, having not been there or so many nights before. Eventually, it became a struggle and involved way more screaming than I’d like to admit.

Finally, I think we have found a routine that works for us.

Here are three  tips that are simple but can make a world of difference when the time to go to bed approaches:

Go To Bed Tip 1: Toothbrush Timer
This is as easy as going to YouTube and searching for “toothbrush timer”. The kids get to take turns picking their favorite and there is no more constant asking if they are “done yet.”

go to bedGo To Bed Tip 2: Timed Night Lights
I am a night owl. Somehow karma came back and got me because I ended up with kids who are early birds. They were notorious for waking up way too early, especially on weekends. I get it, especially if they are little and can’t tell time. My solution is timed night lights. If they wake up and the lights are still on, then it’s too early and time to go back to sleep.

Go To Bed Tip 3: Stay in Bed Chart
My kids never went to bed easily. As a result, my husband and I would take turns sitting in their bedroom or cuddling with them until they fell asleep.

go to bedHowever, they have now reached the point where they need to learn to do this by themselves. Enter the “stay in bed chart”. I actually heard about this idea from another mom. For every night the kids go to bed on their own they earn a sticker. If they earn seven stickers they can pick a dinner we will have that next week. If they earn fourteen stars, they can earn a special treat. My son has boxed mac and cheese and a Slurpee planned for his prizes. It’s working! He is now asking me to leave at bedtime so he can earn his sticker for the night.

Yes, bedtime can be a struggle! Share your experience with us! 
What have been your best tips and tricks for making bedtime easier?

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Sarah was born and raised in the Motor City but has called Mid-Michigan home now for over a decade. She worked as a television news reporter covering everything from breaking news, investigative stories, sports, and lifestyle but has stepped back from the industry to be a stay-at-home mom for her two kids. In between swim classes and t-ball practice, Sarah enjoys running and bowling (she is a former state champion). She also has her own blog, The TV Mommy - @SarahJaegerTV or @TheTVMommy - and owns her own video production business, April Lane Productions.