5 Ways to Relax + Recharge, Summer Edition

Relax and recharge – do you do this enough? Many of us love summer, with school being out, and having the kids home for fun all day, every day. But, often, we forget to take a few minutes to relax and recharge ourselves.

rechargeHere are five of my favorite ways to relax and recharge in the Summer Season! 

1.) Find a few good books to read. Pick them up from the library or order them from Amazon. Carry one with you everywhere you go and recharge by cracking it open when the kids are content playing, napping, or in bed. Make a goal to read and to let your kids see you reading you never know they may pick up a book too!

2.) Start a bonfire and make s’mores with the kids then relax and recharge by enjoying the evening with your significant other, chatting and watching the stars as the fire dies down. Enjoy the time to catch up and shake up the evening routine. Helpful tip: If you have really little kids you don’t want to leave in the house alone you can pitch a tent nearby for them to fall asleep in and move them into the house when you go in. 

3.) Visit the Water. This can be a lake, river, Great Lake where ever you like. Something about running water just recharges the mind and helps you relax. Last year we went to the lake and just walked with the kids along the shore. They found so many trinkets and treasures they had to show us. Another time my hubby and I took a picnic from one of our favorite restaurants and sat in the park by a river for an hour. We honestly just sat in the quiet for half the time listening to nature. 

4.) Get out and Explore. You probably think I am crazy here but it can be a relaxing experience to explore. I normally pick parks and trails I am familiar with or can get a map for when I do this. Getting away from the everyday surroundings of home helps separate you from the neverending to-do list. We’ll take the kids with us or I will go with my hubby and we just walk and explore. We use the map to get an idea of how big of a loop we want to do and then take out time enjoying the sights and whatever catches our interest. 

5.) Get Crafty! Okay, this is the one that can be messy but in a good way. Pick a craft or two that you enjoy and set a time to do them. It can be as simple as coloring in an adult coloring book while your kids color or as messy as building and painting birdhouses. Pick something creative. Digital Scrapbook, smash journal, paint on canvas, sidewalk chalk the list goes on. The act of creating something can be therapeutic for the mind. 

This is just a handful of things you can do to relax and recharge with kids around I would love to hear what some of your favorites are, too!

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Magann grew up in the Holly, Brandon, and Grand Blanc school areas. Magann was married to her husband Nathan in 2011 and has 3 energetic boys and 1 little girl. After graduating from Utah Valley University and having her oldest son, Magann decided to become a stay at home mom. They moved back to Michigan from Utah 6 years ago. Magann loves to be busy. She is active in her church and church youth program, a PTO board member, as well as, being involved in a couple of book clubs and kids playgroups. She enjoys making connections with others and enriching their lives. For fun, Magann loves to be outside with friends and family, photography, traveling, planning events, reading a good book or doing something crafty/DIY. Check out her work and projects on Instagram or her website.


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