The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Fourth of July!

Fireworks, swimming pools, lakes, boating, s’mores, BBQs, stars, stripes, sunshine, and America! I know everyone says Christmas is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”,  but I’d like to make case that it’s the 4th of July.  For my entire life {that I remember} I always look forward to this day, and more so now that I have kids of my own.  

Fourth of July

We get to celebrate this amazing country that we live in.  Not to get all patriotic and cliché, but this truly is the land that I love. Each state has something unique that makes this country amazing. From our freshwater lakes to the mountains, oceans, islands, plains, and fields. A little bit of everything all rolled into one, and if you’re anything like me and “Smitten with the Mitten”, the Fourth of July truly is the sweet spot of the year.

Here are my Top 5 reasons why TODAY is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Fourth of July

  1. Friends and Family :: What other day of the year do you hang out with all your favorite people WITHOUT the pressure? You get to pick what you want to do – BBQ with the neighbors, camp with your siblings, invite all your friends over for a day on the lake, rent a cabin up north, do lawn work, watch the local parade. It’s your holiday! There is no pressure from relatives to attend a fancy dinner, no holiday parties that you have to go to in order to not offend a someone, no worrying about did I buy enough gifts?! This is day is all about family fun with the ones you love! My best memories come from the deck up north where, after our annual Fish Fry, everyone gathered to watch a fireworks display and have a bonfire. Good ‘ol fashioned family fun with no strings attached.
  2. Through a child’s eyes :: Have you ever watched a little kids face during fireworks? There is nothing like it: pure joy and excitement. Same thing with sparklers, roasting s’mores, hanging out in the pool with their cousins, camping, tubing for the first time, or just having a water balloon fight in your backyard. I love recreating the same memories I have from my childhood now that my kids are big enough. I love floating in the lake all day with our awesome neighbors, being blessed to call this place home. The Fourth of July has all the happiness and wonder one could wish for during the most wonderful time of the year, without the price tag.Fourth of July
  3.  Stars and Stripes :: When else is it appropriate to wear everything AMERICA?! {Actually don’t answer that}.. you get my drift. From patriotic shirts, flags in the yard, to bunting on front porches, everyone loves their country this day. I love the “Party like it’s 1776” shirts, sear-sucker shorts, flag swim-trunks right down to star-spangled sunglasses. Again it’s family fun without the strings. No putting on a stiff party dress, flip flops are acceptable, and all you need is a smile.Fourth of July
  4. Food :: Eat, drink, and be patriotic!  From Koegel’s hot dogs made right here in Mid-Michigan, homemade berry pies, bomb pops, to peanuts at a baseball game, or freshly caught fish in the fryer – this is a day to indulge. I much more prefer a day or week of family BBQs instead of a season of eating at every holiday party. A nice summer cocktail while watching fireworks, ice tea and lemonade. Everything everyone loves about summer menus rolled into one!Fourth of July
  5. America :: Everyone has their viewpoints – be that political, religious, or what have you. But I think one thing we all can agree on is that the Fourth of July is a day we all step back and are thankful. It may be thankful that we get a paid day of work to do as we wish {holiday pay if you’re working}, thankful for sunshine, thankful for friends and family, or just thankful for generations before us. Small tokens that mean a lot. We are lucky to live in the land of the free, and lucky that we have such a beautiful nation to celebrate!

Do YOU love the Fourth of July as much as I do? Share your reasons why below!

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